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Full Version: UPDATED 2/28/2018 - PvM & Dungeon Testing
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For information on how to download our Installer/Patcher/Launcher, please visit this forum post: http://forums.uooutlands.com/showthread.php?tid=149

The following dungeons are currently open for testing: 

Aegis Keep (OPENED 2/28)
Muskeg Chasm
The Mausoleum

Please post feedback in their respective threads, linked above.

In addition, the New Player Dungeon is open, accessible by the entrance on Shelter Island: 

[Image: cacDvGW.jpg]

Have fun and see you ingame!

I will await your post here as I don't have Discord while at work.
Thread updated to reflect date of testing!
The builds look just amazing! Can you help me understand how these dungeons are supposed to be tuned? Like should I expect to be able to come in with a 200 skills character and manage the first floor? Or are they all tuned for 7x GM characters? Are there any particular character archetypes you intend to encourage or discourage?

Thanks! Looking forward to testing after work today.
Thread updated to reflect new dungeons. (Pulma, Inferno, and modifications to The Mausoleum.)
Thread updated to reflect new dungeons. (Pulma, Inferno and Muskeg Chasm and the New Player Dungeon.)
Thread updated to reflect new dungeons: Aegis Keep, opened on 2/28/2018.