UO Outlands - An Ultima Online Free Shard

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[Image: P4zOjSX.jpg]

Please join us online every night at 10PM EST for faction testing! 

To take part you will need to be in a guild (you can create your own) and aligned to a faction:

One of the Officers or Guildmaster in the guild needs to go to the Faction Page and click the "Change Guild Faction" button.  You'll get left and right arrows showing which faction to pick (or if you intend to switch from a faction back to neutral, the word "none") and then click the Accept button. 

[Image: 93o5ok2.png]

If you have any questions please join us in Discord. 

So I'm going to take up folks on those PvP lessons eventually LOL All I care about is, I had fun and this is going to be an awesome system. Thanks Owen and Luthius!
Faction struggles are now happening automatically every night at 10PM. They will rotate through various maps/locations.

Awesome videos Expo! Thanks for sharing them!