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Full Version: PvM Testing Patch 4-10-18
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Patch Notes

Town NPCs
  • Adjusted Vendor locations in several towns

Bless Spell
The Bless spell should be working correctly in pvp again

Tamed Creatures
  • Tamed Creature abilities (such as Bullvore's charge ability) now deal +100% damage against NPC creatures
  • The Bless, Strength, Agility, and Cunning spells now can be cast on tamed and summoned creatures (boosts melee damage by up to 5%, attack speed by up to 5%, and spell damage by up to 5% respectively)

Passive Taming Skill Gain
  • Readjusted passive taming skill gain scalars (somewhat harder than before)

Faction Struggles
  • Adjusted faction struggle zone locations for Inferno and Aegis Keep
  • Added 4 new wilderness faction struggle locations

  • Fixed a crash caused by┬áInfernus' Fire Assault ability