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  1. egemen157

    Be sure to check out The Stranded Prevalian!

    The Stranded Prevalian is an RP Tavern and a marketplace for all the players, you can rent a vendor or shop from the existing vendors!
  2. egemen157

    The Prevalian Royale - Dice Tournament Event

    The Stranded Prevalian Represents - Prevalian Royale At this event, we, the roleplayers of the Outlands, come together and have fun via various events. We want to see you roleplayers of all kinds in our establishment. See you every saturday!
  3. Derek Lumbar

    The Blackstone Company [RP / RPvP / PvM]

    A wise man said that, and it's the means and end to which the Blackstone Company exists to reach. Are you broke? Does your backpack contain more maces than your brain does cells? Do you have the grit to get the job done, whatever it takes? Would you punch a baby? Then the Blackstone Company is...
  4. Derek Lumbar

    The Blackstone Company Log

    Derek settled down in his bivouac and scribbled some notes on a scrap of parchment. It wasn't the expedition he'd had planned, following some bombastically clad mage around the woods fighting creatures great and small, but his companions did well for themselves, and they had all gathered plenty...
  5. Sir.

    The Knight's Guild: Expedition Outlands (Chapter 4 Added 2/27/19)

    Chapter 1 -- THE KNIGHT'S GUILD: HOW WE CAME TO THE OUTLANDS As it were, the Knight's Guild, a native order from the lands of Forever, had found themselves on yet another quest in a realm distant in both time and space known as, "The Outlands"... This is the story of how the new saga in the...
  6. Sir.

    Housing: Renting Static Buildings and/or Some More Options?

    Renting Static Buildings Scrolling through the selection (all awesome and beautiful designs) I like the stone castle or small watchtower look and Prevalia's stuff seems the most militant yet their selection is very limited for purchasing (as seen below). I see these static buildings/watchtowers...
  7. Danica

    Clan Ulfhednar [VKNG]RPPVP Guild

    The dark is a blanket that wraps itself around the north. Only the light of the stars in the sky reflect against the pristine snow beneath it. That and the fires of the ones who make the snowy mountain coasts their home. They cast an eerie red glow on the snow, like stray puddles of blood...