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50/50 spell interrupts should not be a thing.

lets start with the way low level interrupts work:
the way harm currently works is that the first one will interrupt at 100% chance. then for 5s, each following harm will interrupt with a 50% chance.
for magic arrow it is the same, only the 2nd and following ones will only have a 25% chance. for fireball its 75%. they each are on their own timers, so when following up the first harm with a MA for example, both spells will interrupt at 100% (if you had not casted a MA at your target for 5s before that).

i propose to change the reduced chance during the 5s window to 0%.

1) the way it works currently is unnecessarily increasing RNG. it is perfectly possible to kill people without using double harm RNG. there is enough RNG in the form of weapon hits already. only that this RNG, other than double harm RNG is necessary. no need to increase RNG on top of that.

2) the way weapon damage, spell damage, and spell timings are balanced here make the harm 50/50 a complete joke, honestly. if you lived through everything your opponent threw at you and finally made it to the window where you can get a gheal off, only to find your opponent spamming a 2nd harm into you, there really isn't any counter play to it. mini heal is super weak, which would be fine if it wasn't for the double harm 50/50 RNG.
I agree with this, designed a great mechanic to use different circle spells for interrupt and most people just spam the same one over and over again anyways.. make the caster have to use a little skill, not just RNG to interrupt...