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A new item called Scutum or Tower Shield

We need a new item that tanks can use, but with a price to pay.

The shield will be very large and will provide a total concealment to the players that is behind the user of the shield. Any damage that originally would surpass the user, will be inflicted upon user with a decimal multiplier. The user will not be able to hold anything beside the shield, the shield must be two handed. If the user tries to move while holding the shield, they will be drained 10 stamina per step. The wielder cannot be pushed out of the way, i.e. no one can go through their square. If the wielder does not take damage for 10 seconds straight, the shield will fall into their inventory. The shield should be on blacksmith and carpentry menu with different names on each menu.

Why do we need this?

The shield will provide a more organized boss fights for group players, (i.e. guilds) will help the roleplay guild wars in terms of strategy and it will make ultima online's medieval fantasy a little bit more realistic. I seriously hope you guys consider this. Thanks in advance!


Don't need to. They would just park their invincible alt with a mongbat attacking it tabbed out while their alt tame everything in sight freely.

Don't really see how this could be done without being very broken.