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All Razor Hot Keys shortcuts as a TXT list

All Razor Hot Keys shortcuts as a TXT list. Useful if you plan to think at your macros thoroughly and want to import them on something like a table. Since the new ClassicUO client (http://forums.uooutlands.com/index.php?threads/connecting-to-outlands-with-classicuo.1827/) relies on Razor, I came up with this list. Enjoy.

Hot Keys
---> Enable/Disable Razor HotKeys (not assigned)

Add to UseOnce (not assigned)
Add UseOnce Container (not assigned)
Clear Scavenger Cache (not assigned)
Scavenger Add Target (not assigned)
Scavenger Enable/Disable (not assigned)
Scavenger Set Hot Bag (not assigned)
Set Sell HotBag (not assigned)
Use Once Agent (not assigned)

Arm/Disarm Left Hand (not assigned)
Arm/Disarm Right Hand (not assigned)
Undress All (not assigned)
Undress Both Hands (not assigned)
Undress Hat (not assigned)
Undress Jewelry (not assigned)
Undress Left Hand (not assigned)
Undress Right Hand (not assigned)

Bandage LastTarget (not assigned)
Bandage Self (not assigned)
Drink Agility (not assigned)
Drink Cure (not assigned)
Drink Explosion (not assigned)
Drink Heal (not assigned)
Drink Night Sight (not assigned)
Drink Refresh (not assigned)
Drink Strength (not assigned)
Eat Enchanted Apple (not assigned)
Use Bandage (No Timer) (not assigned)
Use Item in Hand (not assigned)

> Pause Current Macro (not assigned)
> Stop Current Macro (not assigned)

All Corpses (not assigned)
All Mobiles (not assigned)
All Names (not assigned)
Capture Last Opened BOD (not assigned)
Clear Drag/Drop Queue (not assigned)
Dismount (not assigned)
Display Counters (not assigned)
Drop What You are Currently Holding (not assigned)
Last Object (not assigned)
Last Skill (not assigned)
Last Spell (not assigned)
Party: Accept Invitation (not assigned)
Party: Decline Invitation (not assigned)
Recount Counters (not assigned)
Resynchronize Client (not assigned)
Show/Hide Map Window (not assigned)
***Special Moves
Clear AOS Ability (not assigned)
Set Primary Ability (AOS) (not assigned)
Set Secondary Ability (AOS) (not assigned)
Toggle Disarm (Pre-AOS) (not assigned)
Toggle Stun (Pre-AOS) (not assigned)
Take ScreenShot Now (not assigned)
Toggle GPS/GPM/GPM Tracker (not assigned)
Toggle War/Peace (not assigned)

Anatomy (not assigned)
Animal Lore (not assigned)
Animal Taming (not assigned)
Arms Lore (not assigned)
Begging (not assigned)
Cartography (not assigned)
Detecting Hidden (not assigned)
Discordance (not assigned)
Evaluating Intelligence (not assigned)
Forensics (not assigned)
Hiding (not assigned)
Inscription (not assigned)
Item Identification (not assigned)
Meditation (not assigned)
Peacemaking (not assigned)
Poisoning (not assigned)
Provocation (not assigned)
Remove Trap (not assigned)
Spirit Speak (not assigned)
Stealing (not assigned)
Stealth (not assigned)
Taste Identification (not assigned)
Tracking (not assigned)

> Mini-Heal/Cure Self (not assigned)
> Heal/Cure Self (not assigned)
> Interrupt (not assigned)

Clumsy (not assigned)
Create Food (not assigned)
Feeblemind (not assigned)
Heal (not assigned)
Magic Arrow (not assigned)
Night Sight (not assigned)
Reactive Armor (not assigned)
Weaken (not assigned)

Agility (not assigned)
Cunning (not assigned)
Cure (not assigned)
Harm (not assigned)
Magic Trap (not assigned)
Magic Untrap (not assigned)
Protection (not assigned)
Strength (not assigned)

Bless (not assigned)
Fireball (not assigned)
Magic Lock (not assigned)
Poison (not assigned)
Telekinesis (not assigned)
Teleport (not assigned)
Unlock (not assigned)
Wall of Stone (not assigned)

Arch Cure (not assigned)
Arch Protection (not assigned)
Curse (not assigned)
Fire Field (not assigned)
Greater Heal (not assigned)
Lightning (not assigned)
Mana Drain (not assigned)
Recall (not assigned)

Blade Spirits (not assigned)
Dispel Field (not assigned)
Incognito (not assigned)
Magic Reflection (not assigned)
Mind Blast (not assigned)
Paralyze (not assigned)
Poison Field (not assigned)
Summ. Creature (not assigned)

Dispel (not assigned)
Energy Bolt (not assigned)
Explosion (not assigned)
Invisibility (not assigned)
Mark (not assigned)
Mass Curse (not assigned)
Paralyze Field (not assigned)
Reveal (not assigned)

Chain Lightning (not assigned)
Energy Field (not assigned)
Flamestrike (not assigned)
Gate Travel (not assigned)
Mana Vampire (not assigned)
Mass Dispel (not assigned)
Meteor Swarm (not assigned)
Polymorph (not assigned)

Air Elemental (not assigned)
Earth Elemental (not assigned)
Earthquake (not assigned)
Energy Vortex (not assigned)
Fire Elemental (not assigned)
Resurrection (not assigned)
Summon Daemon (not assigned)
Water Elemental (not assigned)

Confidence (not assigned)
Counter Attack (not assigned)
Evasion (not assigned)
Honorable Execution (not assigned)
Lightning Strike (not assigned)
Momentum Strike (not assigned)

Cleanse by Fire (not assigned)
Close Wounds (not assigned)
Consecrate Weapon (not assigned)
Dispel Evil (not assigned)
Divine Fury (not assigned)
Enemy of One (not assigned)
Holy Light (not assigned)
Noble Sacrifice (not assigned)
Remove Curse (not assigned)
Sacred Journey (not assigned)

Animate Dead (not assigned)
Blood Oath (not assigned)
Corpse Skin (not assigned)
Curse Weapon (not assigned)
Evil Omen (not assigned)
Exorcism (not assigned)
Horrific Beast (not assigned)
Lich Form (not assigned)
Mind Rot (not assigned)
Pain Spike (not assigned)
Poison Strike (not assigned)
Strangle (not assigned)
Summon Familiar (not assigned)
Vampiric Embrace (not assigned)
Vengeful Spirit (not assigned)
Wither (not assigned)
Wraith Form (not assigned)

Animal Form (not assigned)
Backstab (not assigned)
Death Strike (not assigned)
Focus Attack (not assigned)
Ki Attack (not assigned)
Mirror Image (not assigned)
Shadowjump (not assigned)
Surprise Attack (not assigned)

Arcane Circle (not assigned)
Arcane Empowerment (not assigned)
Attunement (not assigned)
Dryad Allure (not assigned)
Essence of Wind (not assigned)
Ethereal Voyage (not assigned)
Gift of Life (not assigned)
Gift of Renewal (not assigned)
Immolating Weapon (not assigned)
Nature's Fury (not assigned)
Reaper Form (not assigned)
Summon Fey (not assigned)
Summon Fiend (not assigned)
Thunderstorm (not assigned)
Wildfire (not assigned)
Word of Death (not assigned)

Add Friend (not assigned)
Add to ignore list (not assigned)
Attack Last Combatant (not assigned)
Attack Last Target (not assigned)
Cancel Current Target (not assigned)
Clear Target Queue (not assigned)
Last Target (not assigned)
Next Enemy Humanoid Target (not assigned)
Next Humanoid Target (not assigned)
Next Target (not assigned)
Previous Enemy Humanoid Target (not assigned)
Previous Humanoid Target (not assigned)
Previous Target (not assigned)
Remove Friend (not assigned)
Remove from ignore list (not assigned)
Set Last Target (not assigned)
Target Closest Criminal (not assigned)
Target Closest Criminal Humanoid (not assigned)
Target Closest Enemy (not assigned)
Target Closest Enemy Humanoid (not assigned)
Target Closest Enemy Monster (not assigned)
Target Closest Friendly (not assigned)
Target Closest Grey (not assigned)
Target Closest Grey Humanoid (not assigned)
Target Closest Grey Monster (not assigned)
Target Closest Innocent (not assigned)
Target Closest Innocent Humanoid (not assigned)
Target Closest Murderer (not assigned)
Target Closest Non-Friendly (not assigned)
Target Random Criminal (not assigned)
Target Random Criminal Humanoid (not assigned)
Target Random Enemy (not assigned)
Target Random Enemy Humanoid (not assigned)
Target Random Enemy Monster (not assigned)
Target Random Friendly (not assigned)
Target Random Grey (not assigned)
Target Random Grey Humanoid (not assigned)
Target Random Grey Monster (not assigned)
Target Random Innocent (not assigned)
Target Random Innocent Humanoid (not assigned)
Target Random Murderer (not assigned)
Target Random Non-Friendly (not assigned)
Target Self (not assigned)