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Allow one set of each unlocked aspect

Suggestion is to allow you to have one active set of each unlocked aspect.

Currently you can only have one aspect set activated at the same time regardless of which set it is. So for example if you have Command & Fortune unlocked, you can't go between your Command armor and your Fortune armor - whenever you activate one of them, the other is going to lose its activation.

Makes more sense to allow one activated set of each aspect you've unlocked, since you have paid for both of them and it's not like you're getting stuff for free. Also makes it more fun to play, otherwise you have to wait 24 hours between each activation every time you want to swap aspects.
so... that is how you activate a set of each aspect you have unlocked?

Step 1: Have Aspect 1 set in your backpack. Put on normal armor/weapon.
Step 2: Activate Aspect 2. Now you have Aspect 2 set equipped and Aspect 1 set still activated in your backpack?

would like to try this...
I'd rather just have no reset penalty. dying sucks enough. causes some folks that play stingy and ditch u hunting. meet randos and harder to build in game relationships when people are worried about a 24 hr timer. maybe 30 min :)
no reset penalty would mean no one would spend extra for extra unlocks, and those who have already, you'd have screwed them..

There needs to be some downside to these high farming aspect suits, that's it, the downtime if you die.. Plus you can already reset a charge with a phyllactery.