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Am I late to the party?

Hello everyone,

I've been craving some UO these past months and have decided to start playing again. However, what shard to choose.

I've downloaded the Outlands client and looked around - impressive work, very well done.

However, I fear that I am late to the party unfortunately, since all(most?) houseing spots are taken and it feels like everyone has reached the "end game".

So my questions:

1. How are the current population of the shard? Are the numbere still in the +1.000 online players? I can't seem to find any numbers.
2. Have people reached the "end game", where a simple 8x8 house spot cost +100.000 gp?
3. Are there some "overland" activity or are people simply grinding the same "high-end" spots?
4. Are there any vendor-trades left to profit from? I fear everyone have their GM+ crafters, so any crafters are not needed.

Many thanks *<|:)<-<
The population is very strong. Ultima Online is my favorite game of all time and I'm having just as much fun (dare I say more?) as I did back when I played on the live servers. There are still plots, you just got to search them out. Also check out discord (much more active than forums). There is a real-estate channel that has housing sales. As long as it's not in a vendor zone or some other special spot you can get one for a reasonable price. There are also people who scout out open plots and sell the information to people. Up to you if you want to try that or not.

There are society jobs, T-maps, shrines, and other things that have people in the overlord. Plenty of good farming spots as well. There are of course "the best" spots but that comes with most most frequent visit from Reds so it's balanced in that way. I don't know much about trade skills. I just do my own stuff to be self sufficient and only sell special loot. I'd think you could make more money now than before when everyone was selling things under cost because they were skilling up though.

There are lots of unique systems (aspect, mastery chains, sea combat, societies, unique/new mobs) here that makes the PvE much more enjoyable than live servers and they have implemented it in a way that doesn't affect the old PvP we all remember.
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Ultima Online is one of those games that it's never to late to start, too late to the party - while you may not get the best real estate in the game, there is always some real estate, and players always come and go, so spots opening up.

Outlands has been my best UO experience to date, excluding when I first played OSi, and was hooked for 5 years. It's given me that new fresh feel to UO, learning, and exploring new adventures, providing a plethora of templates to tinker with and discover, end game progression systems so the game doesn't stop at GM or Legendary skills, it's a great all around experience, and worth exploring. Your definitely not late to the party. And the thriving population will make that always the case.