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Amazon Shop Opened ! Please come Visit !


*** Welcome to Amazon ! ***
Come and visit the largest and cheapest shop of the shard !
15 Vendors waiting for you there !

120 Scribe : 4500gp Runebooks, L7/L8, Runetomes
120 Alchemy : GHeal 2200gp, Gcure 2200gp, DPoison 2800gp
120 Tailoring : Except Leather set 550gp, Valorhide 7200gp
120 Carpentry : Heavy Xbow Valorite 4500gp, Val Tambourine 4000gp
120 Tinkering : All tools up to Valorite
120 Smith : All weps and armor up to Valorite
120 Cooking : Best dishes very cheap
120 Mining : Bulk ingots up to Valorite
120 Skinning : Bulk leather up to Valorhide

Aspect : Core and Extract of all type
Skill Scrolls : 20+ scrolls on vendor (and not begging...)

***Direction to shop : Take North West exit of Outpost and go North up to a large Cambrian Pillar House***
Vendors are inside !

Pm me if you have any question/suggestion

Look for this type of house