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Animal Taming FAQ

What are "Passive Taming gains" and how do I use them?

For every 0.1 skill you gain from taming creatures, you bank 0.1 passive taming points, to a maximum of 2.5 points banked at one time. You use these gains by killing monsters with your pets. You have a chance to get a gain from anything your pets kill, but harder monsters have a higher chance to give you a gain. You can help your pets kill the monster, they just need to do damage.

The best way to use these gains is to tame creatures from 50 taming skill to 52.5 taming skill, then kill things with pets to go from 52.5 to 55. Then repeat this process by taming creatures that require 55 taming from 55 to 57.5, killing things to 60, and so on. The reason for this is so you have the highest chance to fail while taming creatures because the taming skill brackets start at every 5 skill. You will gain Taming skill faster while failing than succeeding and having to find a new creature.

Is there a maximum skill gain per creature?

Yes, and it depends on your Taming skill. The breakdown is as follows:

0-50 Taming: 5.0 per creature
50-70 Taming: 1.0 per creature
70-90 Taming: 0.5 per creature
90-119.9 Taming: 0.2 per creature

You will never gain from a creature released after being tamed, by yourself or anyone else.

What does raising the "Poisoning" stat of pets do?

It increases the chance to poison, but not damage. It also doesn't upgrade the type of poison.

Do I need to feed my pets?

No, you don't need to feed pets to bond them or for any other reason.

How do I bond my pets, and what does that mean?

Level the pet up to level 1 by killing monsters with it to bond the pet. You can help kill the mob, your pet just has to deal 1 damage to get exp. Bonded pets can be resurrected by a player with 80 Veterinary skill, a player able to cast Resurrection, or any healer.

Where does "X" mount spawn?

With the exception of Nightmares, Blightmares, and Blood Coursers, every normal mount (Horse, Llama, Forest Ostard, etc) randomly spawns in the wild. Having another character use Tracking to find them is helpful.

Does Animal Taming benefit from the newbie dungeon, or active skill gain, or "insert any other skill gain increase here"?

No, Taming doesn't benefit from anything but passive gains, unless specifically pointed out by staff.

What stats should I raise on my mage pet?

Magery, Eval Int, and Dex. Magery increases the chance for charged spells, and chance to cast higher circle spells. Eval Int increases spell damage, and Dex increases cast speed.

Do skills like Tracking or Forensic Eval affect my pets' damage?


This is a work in progress and I'll be adding questions as they come up. Hope this helps some aspiring tamers! If you have any questions, I'm Ahamkara in Discord.
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Is there a good resource where we can see all the tameables listed in increasing skill required/difficulty to tame?

Thanks for the FAQ so far!