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Anyone else hitting crazy lag spikes?

Just today has been rough for me, Ive hit some awesome lag spikes where im healing my pet, then all of a sudden im not able to heal any more and the monster is still able to do damage. Also a few instances of rubber banding. Any one else experiencing similar stuff today?


Staff member
Lag happens from time to time due to network connectivity, and a multitude of other reasons, ranging from your home network & connection all the way through to weather. It's impossible to narrow it down. When the shard starts to lag after a few days of uptime, we reboot it, but if you were lagging this morning that isn't the issue.
yea, its the only time ive had issues since I started playing, just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same. Ty for the reply though =)


Was a bit laggy last night but fixed after reboot. Overall server is extremely responsive/low ping for me 99% of the time.
I only started playing on outlands yesterday. I'm based in the UK so I'm wondering whether or not EU players have more of an issue. Am I right in thinking the server is in Chicago?