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Archery range 8+1, spell casting 12+1 tiles?

Is this accurate or a bug?

In real life I can shoot my bow 35-40 yards and hit a bows eye, 8 tile + 1 (theirs) is probably 30-40 yards.

I tested my caster which can target at 12+1 (13 total tiles) which has a larger advantage, is this intentional or a bug?

Can you confirm? I didnt see it documented. Using stealth is a pain that you shoot a bow so close to a target.

in real life you would shoot a cross bow probably 2x the distance and be accurate as an amature (much less a pro gm), same with a bow.

for magery you can probably larp that out lol.

for barding and bow its odd being attacked and not being able to use your main range skills back. it is even more odd when an npc skeleton shoots farther than you. i will test their range next
i tried finding it documented before posting , feels short ranged. i dont think i have a t2a demo to test it. probably the illusion of old res on crt monitors made it feel longer.

i found a few old uo stratics posts that say 10 tiles for bow and 8 for xbow. i will test again tonight .

on magery i only can find old posts for specific spells (10 max at 100 magery , some say 8 tiles... not sure if either are accurate.. did not see 12)
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I figured it out. The distance for spells (this is related to a different post) is not limited to the "grid" in the common DND inspired format (1" tile grids aka UO grids which is what UO was inspired by). Therefore the angle up and down below you (top of your monitor and bottom) you can kill people off screen with macros which is why we often die from folks that are macro/script experts off screen.

Since we know the "short range" archery is design choice, I will add this to my other post instead.

Thanks all for the feedback!