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Aspect Armors and MindBlast

Ok so mind blast has 100% dmg increase if you are wearing full plate mail and shield. (minus a bucker or wooden shield wich does 0 extra dmg and don't affect med)
if you are wearing Ringmail its only 70%

What have you all been making your aspect armor out of? going for the most AR or taking a hit on the AR to help reduce MB damage? curious to hear what all you dexxers have been rocking.

I was thining about making a set of Valorite Ringmail with a plate helm and heater shield in void aspect armor.
I think it’s 80 or so in chainmail.

I ended up going with full plate mail. I decided that with pots, aids, and hiding I could survive a solo or maybe 2 pks. But more then that it would not matter, they will drop you if they half decent

Anyone else go a different route and why?
I don't think mind blast damage is affected by the AR your target has, I think it's based on what type of armor he's wearing, so the heavier armor the more damage it does
Maybe Veton is mostly correct, it's based on your med penalty, which is based on the types of armor, and how it affects your meditation.

This was from development, I'm not 100% sure if the formulas changed or not:

From the Spells Summary in Development Forums
Mind Blast

- Has a damage delay of 0.5 seconds

- Deals ((30 to 50) * (Magery / 100) * (.75 + (.5 * (Eval Int / 100)))) damage to target creature
- Damage against creatures is increased by (Target's Armor Rating / 200%)

- Deals ((15 to 25) * (Magery / 100) * (.75 + (.25 * (Eval Int / 100)))) damage to target player
- Damage is increased based on the target's Total Armor Meditation Penalty
- Damage increase amount is (25% * (Target's Mana Rate Reduction)) to a maximum of +50% damage

Some examples of Mind Blast damage bonuses against players wearing full suits of different armor materials are:

Leather Armor: +0% Damage
Studded Leather: +10% Damage
Bone Armor: +20% Damage
Ringmail Armor: +30% Damage
Chainmail Armor: + 40% Damage
Platemail Armor: +50% Damage

From the Skills Summary in Development Forums

A player's Total Armor Meditation Penalty is equal to the combined Meditation Penalties of all armor worn
  • Each piece of armor a player wears has an Meditation Penalty equal to it's (Armor Location Penalty * Armor Material Penalty)

Armor Location Penalty:
35% Penalty
Chest: 35% Penalty
Legs: 22% Penalty
Arms: 15% Penalty
Helmet: 14% Penalty
Gloves: 7% Penalty
Gorget: 7% Penalty

Armor Material Penalty
Wearing No Armor,
or Leather Armor, or a Buckler, or a Wooden Shield
0% Penalty
Studded Armor or Wooden Kite Shield
20% Penalty
Bone Armor or Metal Shield
40% Penalty
Ringmail Armor or Bronze Shield
60% Penalty
Chainmail Armor or Metal Kite Shield
80% Penalty
Platemail Armor, Heater Shield, or Chaos/Order Shield
100% Penalty

For example, a player wearing a suit of all studded leather but with a platemail gorget would have: (.35 * .20) + (.22 * .20) + (.15 * .20) + (.14 * .20) + (.07 * .20) + (.07 * 1.0)) = 25.6% Total Armor Penalty
I have 6 aspect dexer armor suits and none of them are full plate mail. You'll be getting railed by mindblast from both mobs and PKs in full plate, the slight armor bonus is NOT worth the extra magic damage. Especially considering how much bonus armor you get from higher aspect levels, and you get no forms of added magic damage mitigation.

I recommend a mix of plate and chain. Full plate is a noob trap, always has been, always will be.