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Aspect Gear

System Summary
  • There are 10 different Aspects (Air, Command, Earth, Eldritch, Fire, Lyric, Poison, Shadow, Water, Void)
  • All players have a Tier Level for each Aspect ranging from 0 to 10, which determines their effectiveness when wearing Aspect Gear of that particular Aspect
  • Aspect Armor, Aspect Weapons, and Aspect Spellbooks are collectively referred to as Aspect Gear
  • Aspect Armor can be made by players from any type of armor type (including leather, bone, etc)
  • Aspect Armor will maintain it's material base armor rating and meditation values (i.e. leather stats / ringmail stats / etc)
  • Aspect Weapons can be made by players from any weapon type
  • Aspect Spellbooks can be made by players from standard spellbooks (they draw spells from a normal spellbook in the player's backpack however)
  • Each Aspect offers different types of unique bonuses and effects on weapons, armor, and spellbooks
  • A player's Tier level for an Aspect determines the strength of the bonuses that player receives when wearing Aspect Gear matching that Aspect
  • Creation of Aspect Gear requires: A GM-made item, a Mould which are crafted by high-end Smiths / Tailors / Carpenters / Inscribers, Aspect Distillation which are crafted by high-end alchemists, Aspect Cores which are a rare loot-drop, and Arcane Essence which is gathered by recycling magical items 
  • Aspect Cores are semi-rare items, attainable from monsters as well as other gameplay elements, and have a randomized Aspect (i.e. there are Water Cores, Void Cores, Earth Cores, etc)
  • Players earn experience for a particular Aspect by killing monsters while wearing Aspect Gear of that Aspect (provided that the Aspect Gear has Arcane Charges on it)
  • When a player has earned enough experience within an Aspect, they can increase their Tier Level for it, up to a maximum of 10
  • Upgrading an Aspect Tier Level requires the player to consume a number Aspect Cores of that Aspect (the number of Cores begins at 11 and increases with each Tier Level)
  • Aspect Gear is not blessed
  • To receive the benefit of Aspect Armor, players must wear a full suit of one matching Aspect type (players can mix and match Bone, Ringmail, Chainmail, etc so long as it all is of one Aspect)
  • Aspect Gear functions entirely as GM-level equipment while a player is in PvP (no unique effects or bonuses provided)
  • Aspect Gear must be charged with at least 1 Arcane Charge in order to offer the player their unique benefits and effects (and functions as GM equipment when at 0 Arcane Charges)
  • Players add Arcane Charges to Aspect Gear by recharging them with Arcane Essence 
  • Arcane Essence is an item that is created when players Recycle magic items
  • The maximum number of Arcane Charges on an item is 150
  • Aspect Gear loses Arcane Charges when it's wearer deals damage to monsters (similar to Durability, with loss chances scaled based on the amount of damage being dealt)
  • Players will receive a notification when any of their equipped Aspect Gear drops below 10 Arcane Charges or hits 0 Arcane Charges

Aspect Mastery and Aspect Gear 

Each individual character has what are known as Aspect Mastery Tier Levels for 10 different Aspects.

To view details of your Aspect Mastery, players can open the Aspect Mastery Page by clicking the Aspect Mastery Tab in the Outlands Overview help page. 

There are 10 different Aspects that players can improve upon, each with an individual Tier Level ranging from 0 to 10.

Players earn experience in each Aspect by killing monsters while equipped with Aspect Gear of that aspect. When they have earned enough experience, they may upgrade that Aspect to the next Tier Level (maxing at Tier 10). 

Upgrading an Aspect's Tier Level will also require the player to consume a number of Aspect Cores of that particular aspect (which begins at 11 and increases as with each subsequent Tier Level).

Players utilize their Aspect Tier Levels when they are equipped with Aspect Weapons, Aspect Spellbooks, and Aspect Armor (which are all collectively referred to as Aspect Gear).

All Aspect Gear items are made initially from a GM-crafted player item (weapon/spellbook/or armor piece) and then require a handful of additional player-crafted as well as loot-dropped ingredients to construct.

The benefit of increasing one's Aspect Tier Level for a particular Aspect is that when equipped with Aspect Gear of that Aspect, it will have larger bonuses and chances for special effects based on your Tier Level in the related Aspect.

Aspect Weapons and Aspect Spellbooks will have typically have bonuses to melee accuracy / melee damage / spell damage as well as chances at a firing off a large-scale, unique Special Effect based on it's particular Aspect (such as a Wave attack for Water Aspect).

For Aspect Spellbooks, the player must have a normal spellbook in their backpack that contains any spells they wish to cast, however (players cannot drop spells into Aspect Spellbooks).

Aspect Armor will have bonuses to Armor Rating as well as a wide variety of special bonuses, unique defenses, and other chance-based effects based on it's particular Aspect. 

Aspect Armor will maintain its base material armor ratings and meditation values (i.e. 100% Meditation for leather, 80% meditation for Studded Leather, etc). 

Players will also have options to make leather caps that adopt the look of hats (if players want to make a "mage" aspect suit with a hat instead of a helmet, visually).

The bonuses from Aspect Gear will never affect other players and all Aspect Gear functions as GM-level equipment while in PvP.

All Aspect Gear items are not blessed.

The different Aspects are:
  • Air
  • Command (controlled creatures)
  • Earth
  • Eldritch (spellcasting)
  • Fire
  • Lyric (barding)
  • Poison
  • Shadow (stealth)
  • Void
  • Water

Players can select the button next to each Aspect in the Aspect Mastery Page to view:
  • Their current experience progress within the Aspect
  • How many Aspect Cores of that specific Aspect are required to upgrade to the next tier (when the player reaches the necessary experience points required)
  • Specific benefits provided from Aspect Weapons, Spellbooks, and Armor of that Aspect based on the player's current Tier Level

Players can click the arrows to rotate between different item types (Weapons, Spellbooks, Armor) to see the different benefits that Aspect and its current Tier Level would apply to those particular items when worn. 

In the case of Aspect Armor, a player must be wearing 6 pieces of armor all matching that Aspect to receive this bonus (individual Aspect Armor pieces or partial armor suits confer no benefits to the player).

Aspect Gear is crafted by players, and construction requires a handful of ingredients, with the more difficult ones to acquire being Aspect Cores and Aspect Distillation

In addition to being able to click the Aspect Mastery tab on the Outlands Overview page to open the Aspect Mastery Page, players can double click on any Aspect Cores or Aspect Distillation to open that page as well.

There are 10 different aspects, and players will come across Aspect Cores from each of these aspects randomly as semi-rare loot from a variety of sources including bosses, treasure chests, achievement rewards, normal creature rare loot drops, and so on. 

Players will need to consume Aspect Cores when increasing their Aspect Mastery Tier Level (provided they have earned enough experience within a particular Aspect to upgrade it). Additionally, they Aspect Cores are required when crafting Aspect Gear.

Creating Aspect Gear

Creation of Aspect Gear requires several components:
  • GM-made Weapon / Armor Piece / Spellbook
  • 12 Matching Aspect Cores for a Weapon/Spellbook or 2 Matching Aspect Cores for an Armor Piece
  • 10 Matching Aspect Distillation of the same Aspect as the Cores
  • 10 Arcane Essence
  • 1 Mould Tool (of matching crafting skill type)

Aspect Distillation is an ingredient used in creating Aspect Gear made by high-end player alchemists and requires a small number of Aspect Cores to craft.

Arcane Essence is created by players when they Recycle (via any crafting menu) magical items.

Moulds are the primary tool used by players to create Aspect Gear. There are four types of Moulds:

  • Carpentry Mould: Created by carpenters and used to make any carpentry-based Aspect Weapons/Armor
  • Smithing Mould: Created by smiths and used to make smithing-based Aspect Weapons/Armor
  • Tailoring Mould: Created by tailors and used to make tailoring-based Aspect Armor
  • Inscription Mould: Created by inscribers and used to make Aspect Spellbooks
Because a katana is normally crafted by blacksmiths, creating a Fire Aspect Katana for example, would require a Smithing mould. Conversely, a Void Bow would require a Carpentry Mould. And so forth.

Players can create the various Moulds needed for their specific Aspect Gear item from the respective crafting skill crafting menus.

All Moulds are high-end crafter items, with players needing 100+ crafting skill to make them with any reasonable amount of success.

Upon creation, each Mould will have 6 "uses". Creation of an Aspect Weapon or Aspect Spellbook requires all 6 uses.

Creation of Individual Aspect Armor pieces require 1 use per armor piece.

Once you have gathered all the neccessary components to create a new Aspect Gear item, double click the Mould you are using and target the GM-crafted item you wish to convert into Aspect Gear.

You will now see the Aspect Gear crafting window where you can view the necessary ingredients needed to create a new item, the look and name of the new item, the specific benefits and bonuses conferred from the Aspect Item, and an ability to scroll through different Aspect Types to select the one you wish to choose for your new item.

Clicking the arrows will rotate through the 10 different Aspects possible for the item and will change the required materials needed (the required Aspect of the Cores and Distillation).

If you have the necessary ingredients, click Create to consume them and create the new Aspect Gear Item

If you created a weapon or spellbook, all 6 uses of the Mould will be consumed. If you created a piece of armor, only 1 use will be consumed.

Each new Aspect Gear item begins with 60 Arcane Charges, and an Aspect Gear item will only provide it's unique bonuses while it has at least 1 or more Arcane Charges on it. 

Arcane Charges are lost from Aspect Gear when players deal damage to creatures while wearing it (the chance of durability loss is scaled with amount of damage inflicted).

Additionally, a player must wear a full suit of one particular Aspect in order to gain the benefits and effects from it. The armor may be of different types (such as platemail legs combined with leather chest), so long as all six armor pieces all have the same matching Aspect.

Aspect Effects

Note: The values and percentages listed for both base bonuses as well as specific Aspect bonuses are simply placeholder and will likely be adjusted / rebalanced

Additionally, all Weapon / Spellbook Special Effects and armor effects will only ever damage creatures (and never players)

Aspect Weapons (All Aspects)
+5 Accuracy and +2 Accuracy per player Aspect Tier Level
+10 Tactics and +3 Tactics per Aspect Tier Level

Aspect Spellbooks (All Aspects)
+10% Damage and +3% Damage per player Aspect Tier Level

Aspect Armor (All Aspects)
+20% Armor Rating and +8% Armor Rating per player Aspect Tier Level

Air Aspect

Weapon / Spellbook Special Effect
Lightning Storm: 1% + .1% chance on Swing/Cast per player Air Tier Level

Lightning strikes that bounce from target to target

Weapon Swing Speed Increase: +5% + .5% per player Air Tier Level
Chance to Evade Melee Attacks: 2.5% + .25% per player Air Tier Level
Chance to Evade Hinder, Entangle, Paralyze Effects: 5% + .5% per player Air Tier Level

Command Aspect

Weapon / Spellbook Special Effect
Inspiration: 1% + .1% chance on Swing/Cast per player Command Tier Level

Tamed followers healed and briefly recieve damage boosts against monsters

Tamed Follower Damage Bonus: +10% + 1% per player Command Tier Level
Tamed Follower Experience Gain Rate: +25% + 2.5% per player Command Tier Level

Earth Aspect

Weapon / Spellbook Special Effect
Tremor: 1% + .1% chance on Swing/Cast per player Earth Tier Level

Large area of effect attack that knocks down and damages targets

Chance to Increase Melee Damage by 50%: +10% + 1% per player Earth Tier Level
Melee Damage Taken Reduction: 10% + 1% per player Earth Tier Level
Chance to Avoid Knockback / Stun Effects: 10% + 1% per player Earth Tier Level

Eldritch Aspect

Weapon / Spellbook Special Effect
Energy Surge: 1% + .1% chance on Swing/Cast per player Eldritch Tier Level

Heals summoned followers, extends duration on summoned followers, and deals magical energy to nearby targets

Chance of Charged Spellcast: +5% + .5% per player Eldritch Tier Level
Chance of Mana Returned on Spellcast: 10% + 1% per player Eldritch Tier Level
Chance to Reagents Returned on Spellcast: 10% + 1% per player Eldritch Tier Level

Fire Aspect

Weapon / Spellbook Special Effect
Meteor: 1% + .1% chance on Swing/Cast per player Fire Tier Level

Large area of effect attack that damages targets and briefly leaves firefields (that only will damage monsters)

Chance for Flamestrike On Melee Attack: 10% + 1% per player Fire Tier Level
Chance for Flamestrike When Hit By Melee Attack: 5% + .5% per player Fire Tier Level

Lyric Aspect

Weapon / Spellbook Special Effect
Chaos: 1% + .1% chance on Swing/Cast per player Lyric Tier Level

Deals damage to currently barded enemies and extends current barding durations

Effective Barding Skill Bonus: +5 + .5 per player Lyric Tier Level
Damage Inflicted to Barded Targets: +5% + .5% per player Lyric Tier Level
Damage Taken Reduction After A Failed Barding Attempt (for 5 seconds): 10% + 1% per player Lyric Tier Level

Poison Aspect

Weapon / Spellbook Special Effect
Toxicity: 1% + .1% chance on Swing/Cast per player Poison Tier Level

Deals damage to currently poisoned enemies and poisons nearby enemies that are not currently poisoned

Poison Damage Inflicted: +10% + 1% per player Poison Tier Level
Damage Taken From Poison Reduction: 10% + 1% per player Poison Tier Level
Chance to Cure Poison: +10% + 1% per player Poison Tier Level

Shadow Aspect

Weapon / Spellbook Special Effect
Vanish: 1% + .1% chance on Swing/Cast per player Shadow Tier Level

Immediately places player into stealth, grants them 50 stealth steps, and the next melee attack / spellcast after exiting stealth receives large damage bonus

Stealth Backstab Damage Inflicted: +25% + 2.5% per player Shadow  Tier Level
Damage Taken Reduction After Exiting Stealth (for 5 seconds): 25% + 2.5% per player Shadow Tier Level

Void Aspect

Weapon / Spellbook Special Effect
Doom: 1% + .1% chance on Swing/Cast per player Void Tier Level

Target takes massive damage after a 10 second countdown

Weapon Special Attack Chance: +5% + .5% per player Void Tier Level
Chance to Regen 10% Stats: 5% + .5% per player Void Tier Level
Chance to Nullify Any Damage Taken: 2.5% + .25% per player Void Tier Level

Water Aspect

Weapon / Spellbook Special Effect
Waveblast: 1% + .1% chance on Swing/Cast per player Water Tier Level

Very large area of effect attack that damages enemies

Damage Dealt While on Ships: +15% + 1.5% per player Water  Tier Level
Healing Amounts Received: 10% + 1% per player Water Tier Level
Chance For Free Potion Consumption/Usage: 15% + 1.5% per player Water Tier Level

Players can use the Arms Lore skill, regardless of player skill level, to view full stats of any Aspect Gear as well as see their current Tier Level and Experience in the relevant Aspect of the item. They can also see how many Arcane Charges remain on the item.

Players can click on the button in the upper-right corner to see their adjusted values, which are modified based on the player's stats, skills, dex. 

For an Aspect Weapon's Special Effect Chance, this value is modified based on the player's Aspect Tier as well as scaled based on the weapon's speed (slow weapons are adjusted upward to allow for players using a halberd to get as many Special Effects as someone using a Katana).

Players can also use the Arms Lore Skill on armor to view similar details.

Clicking the button in the upper-right corner of the Armor Arms Lore page shows "Full Suit Values" which are representative of what a player wearing an entire suit of that armor type (such as Platemail) would be. 

The Aspect Gear effects on the lower portion show the player's current benefits from their Aspect Armor and current Tier Level for the Aspect

Players can click on the View Player Stats Profile to view a full listing of their currently equipped items.

While wearing Aspect Gear, each item equipped will display it's current number of Arcane Charges remaining (highlighted in Orange or Yellow when at low or zero charges remaining). 

Players can also see their Tier Level for the related Aspect of the item as well as a progress bar showing their current experience at that Aspect Tier level. 

Players can click the Info button next to each item to launch the Arms Lore page (described previously) for each item.

Using / Maintaining / Upgrading

Aspect Gear worn by players will only impart their special bonuses and effects while they have 1 or more Arcane Charges on it. 

For Aspect Armor specifically, a player must be wearing 6 pieces of Aspect Armor all matching the same aspect and each armor piece worn must have at least 1 Arcane Charge on it to receive it's bonuses and effects.

When a player has any Aspect Gear item equipped that drops to 10 Arcane Charges remaining on it, the player will receive a system notification.

When a player has an equipped Aspect Gear item equipped that hits 0 Arcane Charges remaining, they will receive a notification. 

Aspect Gear at 0 Arcane Charges provide no benefits or effects to the player beyond being GM-level equipment, and a player will earn no Aspect Experience from the items as well.

Players can recharge Aspect Gear by using Arcane Essence. Arcane Essence is created when players Recycle magical items via any crafting menu.

Recharging an Aspect Gear item simply requires the player to double-click a stack of Arcane Essence and target the Aspect Gear item they wish to recharge.

The maximum number of Arcane Charges on an item allowed is 150.

Each Arcane Essence will recharge 1 Arcane Charge of an Aspect Weapon or Spellbook.
Each Arcane Essence will recharge 6 Arcane Charges of an Aspect Armor piece.

Players earn experience within an Aspect by killing monsters while equipped with Aspect Gear (provided it has at least 1 Arcane Charge on it). The chance of Aspect Experience earned when killing monsters is increased when players kill more difficult monsters.

A player equipped with a Water Bow and an Air Armor Suit will earn both Water Aspect and Air Aspect experience for killing monsters.

When a player has earned enough experience in an Aspect to improve it's Aspect Tier Level they will receive a system notification. "Ready to Upgrade" will also display in all relevalnt pages that display's the player's Aspect Tier Levels (such as in the Arms Lore window, Player Stat Profile page, Aspect Mastery Page).

Players can Upgrade an Aspect Tier Level from the Aspect Mastery Page by selecting the specific Aspect Entry. 

A button marked Upgrade to Tier X will display in the lower window.

In the center of the lower area will be the number of Aspect Cores of that particular aspect requires to proceed.
When the player has that number of Aspect Cores of that type in their backpack, click the Upgrade button to continue.

Clicking upgrade will consume the required Aspect Cores and increase the Aspect's Tier Level by 1.

Each subsequent Aspect Tier Level requires more experience and more Aspect Cores to upgrade, until the player reaches the maximum Tier Level of 10.
I posted in the discord, but I will add it here also:

1. Dungeon armor system was great and didn't suffer that much from being blessed (it still felt like a Felucca item). Plenty of people lost their dungeon armor (even higher tiers), but it didn't happpen all too often. Dying with it was not fun, even if it was blessed, due to the charges. The progression of the armor also made it fun (with dungeon hammers), and was offset nicely with the downsides (less charges).

2. Regarding aspect. Doesnt sound like a good idea that players have to wear a full suit in order to get the benefits of the gear, especially since it is not blessable. The loss if you die will be quite huge. I would strongly suggest that you get some sort of benefit from using partial gear. Perhaps 40% effect from using a weapon/spellbook and for each armor piece additionally 5% effect, only to reach 100% if you wear it all. The loss of farming in such expensive gear is just too greate (which the blessable dungeon armor nicely fixed), especially when it turns into GM-made gear when you are in PvP (compare to invuln/vanq which still stays invuln/vanq).

3. The micromanagement of arcane charges will without a shadow of a doubt be terribly annoying and nobody will like it. I suggest removing the charges from the individual items and have the player charge their own character instead.
I posted some more stuff in discord as well.

1) Most of the aspect gear right now seems to be some sort of damage or defensive boost with the occasional gimmick thrown in. In my opinion, 5-10% chance for some sort of extra damage / special effect is not something you can reliably make use of. The defensive bonuses have an even lower proc rate in many cases. The tamer and barding sets are different, but that's the only one they have to chose from (and will probably force everyone to use the same set).

2) There's a problem of the armor sets also using the weapon slot. What exactly are players supposed to use other than aspect gear. Are we supposed to use GM armor or weapons, or magic armor or weapons anymore? What are your thoughts about creating these competing systems? Aspect gear, fully maxed out, might equal a vanquishing weapon, so most likely (since aspect gear will be hard to max out), you will always have the option of getting your hands on a superior magic weapon. This raises the question of what the purpose of Aspect gear is.

3) On the purpose of aspect gear. Will you use it for the defensive buff? I haven't done the math on the armor, maybe it will be superior to magic armor, but at lower levels, I doubt it. Consider the amount of magic armor and weapons you have to discard to get arcane dust - if you used it instead, would you be better off? Highly probable. What about the defensive bonus of many aspect gear? Well, it is a good proc (for example to avoid damage), but it is too low of a proc to be useful. How can you expect the defensive bonus to trigger at the time when you actually need it? You can't.

4) Consider what it seems that Aspect gear would be the best for using. Is it for bosses? Is it for something very specific? No, it seems that it would be best used for prolonged farming. Why? Most bonuses are small, such as a DPS increase, or a bonus to follower experience. This is not someting you bust out for 10 minutes when a hard boss or hard paragon comes by. Why is this important? Well it ties in with how "blessable" Aspect gear is. Right now, it's blessable once every 24 hours. If you use an item for prolonged farming, is it likely that you will die many times during 24 hours? Yes. So there is a high likelihood that your farming session will be cut short or you have to bench your Aspect gear before you can actually put it to good use. 

5) Ok, you may ask, so why is it important to reduce the likelihood of losing expensive gear? Will people use Aspect gear while it is unblessed? Probably not knowingly. Remember, most of the bonuses are some variant of a small % increase of DPS or other things you wish to emphazise (follower exp). To get this small bonus for a few more hours during your farming session is not worth the risk of losing your ability to access that bonus alltogether. And by the way, you have to wear a full set for the effects to take place. Your options are very good, if you are in a position to use Aspect gear you probably have access to magic weapons and armor of high quality. So why take the risk, when you can use something else instead?

6) Building on that, you can easily imagine the scenario where a seasoned PvMer going about his daily rounds of farming will start to question wether or not the hassle of a small increase in effectiveness is worth the whole ordeal of dealing with arcane charges, of being a target for PKs, of having to go back and regear once you inevitably die. Or if they decide to just not bother with it and farm with regular gear (which will be abundant when they no longer have to destroy magic gear for aspect charges).

7) So what shall be done? Can 10 different armor sets be introduced into the game in such a way that they don't make every other armor set obsolete (magic, GM), and by the way, there's also aspect weapons, so now we also have to make a system which doesn't make magic or GM armor obsolete. It certainly is a challenge.

8) I'll just mention it briefly and Owen hates it, but Dungeon armor was very well balanced, in hind-sight one of the great things about it was probably that it didn't also include weapons. The risk/reward of dying was good, it was still painful to die and have to recharge it, there was a risk of losing it if you forgot to recharge it, there was a nice progression to it that people actually took interest to (to upgrade the tiers). Overall, it was a functioning and healthy system for PvE-armor. And apparently, there's something wrong with that, so let's forget about it then since it's from another shard that has obviously nothing at all to do with this current shard.

9) Ok so for some predictions. I don't think the system as it is now can be implemented in a balanced way. The system as it's described right now is leaning more towards Aspect armor never being really used for regular farming (perhaps with exception of tamers and mages depending on how powerful they will be), or people will cycle through different aspect suits just for the small % DPS boost. Or, if it's somehow too good or too easy to maintain, it will be the only thing that is used and you can discard any other pieces of gear. Sounds boring either way, right? Yes.

10) So what should Aspect armor be? Well first of all, there is no real challenge in farming regular mobs. That means that there's no real reason to make a specialized system of 10 armors in order to get a slightly more effective way of farming regular mobs. While some may be happy with the small boost to their gold per hour, developing a whole system for this be wasted effort. Players want gold, but it is already very easy to get. So, what is something that players want but is hard to get? Usually it is the loot from bosses and champions. At least on previous shards, killing bosses was a real challenge - and the reward was actually worth it. Players could use something to make boss-killing easier, because there is currently nothing in the game that fills that niche. So with that follows:

11) My suggestion: I think that these 10 Aspect armors should primarily be designed to grant a specialized bonus towards the boss/champion/future bosses/sub-bosses/paragons/extra guardians/anything over the top of a regular old dusty lich-mob in each specific dungeon. In addition to granting a substantial defensive (or offensive) bonus to fighting a specific boss, it could of course have some generally useful traits such as armor and why not, some gimmicky low% on-hit proc (as is the case now). Hey, it wouldn't even matter that much how the whole "bless" situation is handled, since you are not likely to feel robbed if you can't use it daily, and you might not even mind that much to use it unblessed if you're mainly using it to fight a boss with your guild (still risky, though). What kind of bonuses are you talking about? I'm talking about (and this is just an example at max level of the current Aspect), a 60% chance to avoid the Forgotten King's spikes/mummification, or when talking about the old bosses (from an unnamed shard), a 80% reduction of damage from Maggot's bile, or perhaps 50% chance to reflect the damage of Lyth's fire breath attack.

12) So to not make this too lengthy, let's sum it up in a new paragraph. Consider that bosses (and I believe you should make them very hard) of all sorts in a dungeon is a very succulent target, and consider what would happen if you have a specialized armor that would make your time fighting that boss significantly easier and increase your chance of success. The result of these two things is of course, a great incentive to actually aquire and use the Aspect armor, and not just the one of your favourite color, but you would also want one of each for all of the dungeons. And to which extent and how the Aspect armor is blessed wouldn't neccesarilly be a big deal. A spinoff effect is of course that you could also actually make bosses HARD.

((13) on a side note, Aspect progression should be account based and not character based. I also think the weapon slot of Aspect gear should be scrapped as it just blatantly interfers with so many other things for no really good reason (just put the proc. effect on the armor)).
I tried out some various gear at level 10. Overall the armor proc rate is decent. The weapon proc rate is quite low. I like to suggest a chance to the weapon proc and how it works.

1) Instead of how the current system where a weapon proc (at low chance) will trigger randomly, have players work up a charge, say 3/3, in order to use the weapon proc. 

2) Once the 3/3 charges are filled, the ability to use the weapon proc becomes active for 30 seconds (*edit* with such low chance (1,5% max), the period to save the proc should be more like 3-4 minutes and maybe you should be able to save more than one proc). The player can use it with a chat command [useaspectproc. If it is unused after 30 seconds, it will trigger automatically on the next attack.

3) Benefits of this? 

a) Increase the utility of the weapon proc by enabling players to pick the time to use it. Makes sense since a lot of procs are useless if they trigger when the mob is at low health, and many have defensive benefits, which are situational, also some procs take a long time to trigger (void), so it's wasted if it procs on a mob that would be dead by that time anyhow, or on a low health mob. 

b) make it more of a mini-game to farm, i.e. instead of the once in a blue moon proc (that will be most likely at a suboptimal/useless time), having charges will make players more attentive and make it more fun as well as give them the illusion of their gear "doing more stuff", i.e. it will feel like it procs as a 3x rate since you have to collect 3x charges, all with potentially shiny sparkly effects and things that players like.

c) you can potentially make a lot more useful defensive procs if you would like to.

4) Other small observations:
a) the air/water aspect "moderate damage" is not really "moderate", it can trigger for 700 dmg!

b) I think Aspect gear should not be rendered "GM-quality" if PvP is engaged. Why? I really hate these hidden rules. Your gear should be balanced enough to do the same things under all circumstances. It is balanced already in this way for PvP, since it loses it's blessed status at death. The weapon proc effect shouldn't be able to trigger on players, or affect players, though, since it is just way too overpowered.

c) consider having Aspect gear procs scale according to the number of armor pieces you're wearing. Would be nice to be able to mix and match different aspect gears at the cost of a lower proc rate. I.e. you don't need to wear a full set to get some of the benefits. This would obviously also ameliorate the prohibitive effects of the 24-hour blessing ban.

d) On the note of the 24-hour blessing ban, I think it should be reduced to 6 hours (or 12 hours). 24 hours in general is a bad idea because it will probably most often mean you are banned for 2 days, not for 1 day. I.e. if you die at 22 PM, you cant use it until 22 PM the next day, but you usually start your gaming session at 18 PM, so effectively you will have to wait 2 days to actually use it.

e) Reduce the timer on the timed weapon procs (void) to 5 seconds. 15 is just way too long.

- In addition I think many of the "melee" aspects are too similar in their proc. All the ones that do AoE damage are functionally the same right now - they kill everything around you every 1,5% of the hits.
- Again I want to suggest to remove the weapon/spellbook out of the aspect gear. Bundle the weapon/spellbook procs with the armor instead. I.e. you get the weapon proc regardless of which weapon youre using as long as you have the aspect gear on. The proc rate is really so low, that this is not a problem. I find myself wanting to use slayer weapons, but then at the same time I feel robbed since I dont get the weapon proc (even though its so low % that it is functionally useless in it's current iteration), and thats not a good thing considering how hard aspect gear will be to get/maintain. So remove the weapon/spellbook and let players use whatever they want.
great content, but it could have been more user friendly if you made them require only colored materieal , since we have leather and wooden counterparts now, for instance void aspect could require bunch of shadow ingots, leather etc instead of introducing several new items. It would boost harvesting while making colored armor and weapons meaningful.
Can you have a different aspect armor type from the weapon? Looking at the "help" menu in game it seems like three separate parts (weapon, book and armor)

does this mean you can have weapon aspect A (fire) and armor (eldritch) or do they both have to be the same?
Can you have a different aspect armor type from the weapon? Looking at the "help" menu in game it seems like three separate parts (weapon, book and armor)

does this mean you can have weapon aspect A (fire) and armor (eldritch) or do they both have to be the same?
You can have two different, you'll level up both at the same time.
It requires Arcane Essence to unlock, and select an item, and then when you use the items, it continuously drains your arcane essence.. Arcane Essence can be found in any magic item when you recycle them, you don't need any skill to recycle, just a tool of any trade..
lower levels the drain is slower, if you recycle the magic items you get, you'll easily have enough... The higher levels you get, the drain becomes higher, at some point if all you do is farm in aspect, you may have to purchase arcane essence from someone else... That was the old system at least.

Unsure where the new system is at, but when you die your arcane essence falls to your corpse, so don't over stock your character, because you could lose it quite fast then.