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WTS Auction for 16 Tmaps (+ 2wood +1fishing)

i dont like discord trade and since i dont spend my time in that channel i dont know the exact market values of pretty much anything, so lets do it old school in the forum.
the auction runs for 2 days from now, i dont care if it goes for a little cheaper than actual market value but im not gonna sell for a silly amount or if only one guy makes a bid.

only accepting gold, please bid for each item.


[level] [amount im selling]
item 1: level 1 3x
item 2: level 2 5x
item 3: level 3 7x
item 4: level 4 1x
item 5: ingeniously fishing map
item 6: goldenwood lumber map
item 7: dullwood lumber map

note to self, now is 20:37 CET 6th dec
i can come on tonight eu time, its like 11am in eu when its 7pm in eastern usa, if you can make that, earlier works too for me.