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Bazaar/Trading Post

I think it would be cool to make an addon to shelter Isle, maybe just a little north of the moongate, that has booths with numbers on it or something for people to meet at. So I could tell the person on discord "I am at booth 17." and have a 5m time limit on how long you can stand there or something...

Or maybe just have an area that looks like a market place/trading house/auction center
There are bazaars in multiple towns already (all three major cities have them). I really wished they would be utilized in some manner in-game, preferably supported by in-game mechanics, like being able to set up a player vendor at the bazaar (maybe make it a lot more expensive than a vendor in a house or something, and only have limited time contracts available).
Haha I agree. It always bothered me in uo that all those beautiful, characteristic towns are empty except npcs. We have dwellings, marketplaces, parks, docks, beautiful alleys. But all the player content takes place in-around player housing rows in the wilderness.

Renting npcs at marketplaces in town could be sth but it shouldnt be only one marketplace accessible by gates like in some shards. That will kill all other shopping are. It could be limited time vendors accessible by prestige bonjses or whatever. Or limited items like main supplies, bolts, resources, shops to leave fringe item shopping in the wilderness alive.

Though we all are aware a free shard, albeit its big, has limited resources and an upgrade like that is huge work and not sure how important compared to rest.