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Blacksmithing AR bonus Question-

Question on the AR bonus from Smithing-
Is the AR bonus factored into pvp as well as pvm?
And also, does that AR bonus effectively make mindblasts hit blacksmiths harder?
Yes, it should be factored into PvP

I dont think mindblast is based on AR, last I read about it it's based on the type of armor you're wearing... Maybe someone else has updated info on this.
I think you're right-

Mindblast Spell
The Mind Blast does additional damage to players based on their current Meditation Penalty from armor. The spell also does additional damage to creatures based on their armor value.

  • The damage bonus to Players is (Total Meditation Penalty % / 2)
  • The damage bonus to Creatures is (.25% * Total Armor Value)

So against a player wearing full plate (which has a 100% Total Meditation Penalty) the Mind Blast spell would inflict +50% damage. Against a creature with an Armor Rating of 100, the Mind Blast spell would inflict +25% damage.
The AR bonus wouldnt effect the meditation penalty directly.