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Blood For The Gods (Part I)


"Da oomiez hab gruwn meni en numb'r, da tym fur da klanz tu unyte haz kum!"
*slams paw on table*
"Bludchok'hai agh da Bowld'rfizt Orkz muzt mayk dem gu flat!
Dey krowd da ork landz mure ebry muun. EE blah tu da Rokgod, im blah uz tu gib tribuut!
Ne'rull latz majokas muzt blah tu Krenbluk!
Azk fur da bluud ub oomiez tu runn!

"Krenbluk nub ken sayb uz ere, deez landz klowd hur vizion! Da oomiez mojo iz strung,
uz hab tu weak'n da eethur.
*clenches paw*
"Da klans neeb tu attak da oomie Shryne ub Spirut'ualitee." *tightens clenched paw*
"Dis wull weak'n da oomie eethur agh alluw Bluudchok'hai majokas tu blah tu Krenbluk!
Mure Bluudchok'hai orkz wakee ebry muun!Blah Bowld'rfizt gukkas uz neeb tu trayn agh war'band!

: "Dra wull blah tu da klan, uz prepayr fur da tribuut! Da Rokgod muzt be appeaz'd,
da klanz neeb blezzin fur da attak un da Shryne ub Spirut'ualitee!

And so the orcs gathered their reagents and healing supplies, sharpened their weapons, and reinforced their armor.
They journeyed west of Prevalia to a small fort held by nasty goblin and kobolds. And began preparations for the slaughter.


After dispatching the local denizens they fortified their position and readied themselves for battle.
Blood was needed and it matter little if it was Orcish or human. The orcs were ready to sacrifice themselves
to appease their gods.


But the humans needed a little more...motivation. And so a plan was formed. They would lure the humans here with tales of
great treasure, something that no human can resist, and stain the ground red with their blood as much as possible before
being overrun. This day the orcs would suffer heavy casualties, but the humans would suffer more.