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Boss Cams - plz

Can anyone camming just start getting jailed no questions asked? If a one of the admins finds a suspected cam and the player cant immediately (30 seconds) respond to an admin-initiated captcha they go to jail.

In the shard rules on wiki policy looks to only describe pvp-situations. The introduction of the custodians implies boss camming is okay.
I think boss camming is bad for the shard and it seems to be abused by certain guilds. Boss camming isnt just scouting (and monopolizing) endgame content it also gives and unfair strategic position to raiders (so not sure how that is different from the current explicit portion of camming policy)

Lets have a policy that is quick to jail suspected boss camming, slower to boot people. Guilds should be punished for repeat offenders including inability to summon and/or enter dungeon levels that have boss rooms. Have guild masters hold their own people accountable rather than condone the practice which they are today.