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Bugged Snowdrifts - Abilities Flurry/Chill - Trait Mutation



Hello, these things have some issues.

First issue :

"Flurry" and "Chill" have been combined into the same ability on this pet where as other pet's that have Chill have it associated with their normal melee attack and not with a separate ability.


We can see here that the new Chill ability recently introduced with Cavernam pets is not listed with the snowdrifts, even though they use the ability.
We also see that the readout for Flurry is incorrect. Flurry is doing what Chill does and activates at the exact same time as Flurry causing Flurry to do both abilities at once.
The ability Flurry originally did Damage Max, but now that it is associated with Chill, it is doing the same damage that Chill does - which is less damage (Damage Max * 0.75).

Should there not be two abilities here? One for Chill and one for Flurry?

Second Issue :

Level 10 Trait Mutation does nothing at all.


How do I know this? Well I tested with two snowdrifts, one with "Mutation" and one without Mutation and discovered that the cooldowns for both Chill and Flurry are completely unaffected as both of the Snowdrifts consistently use the abilities at the exact same time. There is no sign of any 25% cooldown reduction at all.

Lastly :

An opinion. Snowdrifts really did not need to have a reduction in PvP damage.


Now that people are learning the game more and know how to respond to new experiences better, I think that this PvP damage reduction is not actually needed. Snowdrifts are extremely fragile glass cannon style pets.

My opinion is based in experience with using 5x Snowdrifts and it is just an opinion, but it is an experienced one. Any onlookers to this thread please do not be offended by this opinion, thank you.

That is all.

From Roser.


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