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Carmine Duskwood - A Brief Biography

Full Name: Carmine Aldous Duskwood
Aliases: "Rabbit Foot," "The Charm," "Misericordia"
Born: 580 AC
Place of Birth: Andaria
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 169 lbs
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Left partially Heterochromatic light blue/gray
(Fuch's Heterochromic Iridocyclitis.) Right Dark Blue.
Skin: Fair Skinned

Left orphaned in 585 AC when Andaria was sacked by orcs led by
Warlord Goth Vultog. Taken in by Mazden Wolfbane, then Champion, of the
"Succor En-carmine." A condottiere in the employ of the Mage's Guild
specializing in rescue and corpse recovery. Their Kapitan, Arthur Clark,
along with many of the men take heart in the coincidence of his name.
Many other orphans are taken in greatly consolidating the future ranks of

The Guild and The Condottiere.

It is in these surrounds that Carmine quickly grows up by
necessity. Harsh realities of the countless bodies both human and orc alike
burn for days, the screams of the dying wailing through the streets more
sharply than the biting gale. The months following are a living nightmare
that casts an ever darkened light upon Andaria for years to come as orcs
continue their raids and the rise of the dreaded "Black Banner Company"
spreads further heartache.

These years pass with Carmine and others aged around 10
beginning duties with corpse collection and misericord "Mercy Killing" of the
fallen. Inundated by death and gore, young Carmine begins a morbid
fascination that buds into a self taught art of medicine. His practice however
comes mostly from the remains of stray animals; a happenstance which would
lead others to think of him as both capricious and uncaring. His affiliation
with the mage's guild would later start rumours of necromancy.

In his thirties, now a "banner-man" of Succor En-carmine, he takes
up a more prevalent role as "sawbones" and good luck charm. He and the men
around him come through when others do not; he is generally the only man
still walking yet many live, somehow. The Condottiere under lucrative
contract march on Corpse Creek. Though harbouring great misgivings a run
of bad luck at dice sees Carmine bidding into the contract alongside many
banner-men. The march ends in blood, to his knowledge, only Carmine
escapes to Terran. The final days of 612 AC close like the snap of glaciers
colliding leaving Carmine destitute, far from home, yet again an orphan of

war. . . .