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comparison of different pvp templates for launch.

I'm posting this here because this is probably more opinion than guide.

waiting for launch and getting antsy, so I put together my rankings for different character templates for pvpers. I ranked templates based on how they functioned in different parts of the game.. with A being the best and D being the worst.
They are as follows:
Dueling: Controlled 1vs1 fights, either in the arena or in the field.
Field PvP: All other PvP, from Pking to faction fights.
PvE: fighting monsters for loot. solo or in groups
Ease of Play: How intricate and esoteric a character operates in game. Have you been dueling with tank mages for the last 20 years or a first time player?
Ease of Build: How intricate, time intensive and annoying it is to create the character.
Utility: Primarily how valuable of a merchant your character is but also encompases how many useful tools the character has. Mages automatically start at C+ due to spells like gate and mark.

fyi The basic pvp templates are usually 5x main skills for either,
a mage:
eval int
magic resist

a fighter:
weapon skill
magic resist

plus 2 additional skills. The variety in these 2 skills is usually where characters differ. With some extra variety coming when players build "glass cannon" and drop
magic resist for a 3rd additional skill.

In addition players who want to take pvp seriously should factor in their gameplay speed when creating a character:
Dex based melee weapon users require the fastest speed to be competitive, followed by mages followed by archers.
As a general rule of thumb melee users should have a ping of 60 or less and a computer that runs seemless(doesnt need to be a gaming machine, but shouldn't have any bottlenecks).
Mages should have a ping of 90 or less and have a decent computer(something that was considered capable to game on 5 years ago.)
Archers really just need to be able to run the game.

A couple well known templates I didn't include were animal taming mages and poisoning weapon users. Both of these can be very strong(especially the mage tamers) but I don't have a good enough grasp of them in the meta to accurately rate them.

In addition I didn't list all of the skill combos. Skills like alchemy can be subbed in for any of the +10% damage skills, which will basically add a good amount of utility but increase the difficulty to build the character. So mix and match as desired.