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[Conquest] 1st Turn Complete

Here you will find the updated map following the first official turn of UO Oultands: Conquest!


I also plan to give a quick run down from an outsider perspective (except for Prevalia of course, not much of an outsider there) for each turn. If a 3rd party RPer wants to take over this task and become an official reporter/journalist about the events of Conquest! contact me.

Imperium Prevalia: The Imperials spent their first turn securing the Northeast territory adjacent to their home city. This now places them in a position of having a direct border with the Boulderfist Clan. Additionally, the Empire took control of an adjacent Southern territory and their closest harbor allowing them to launch ships on the next turn if they so choose, to where would they sail?

Boulderfist Clan: The Orcs pushed North/Northwest by claiming two territories. Do they march for Andaria?

Exile Company: The mercenary company officially occupies Andaria at the time of this writing, possibly setting up a conflict as the orcs seem to be heading north. They have also taken the coastal territory north of their starting location.

Clan Ulfhednar: In an apropos move the seafaring clan has taken their adjacent harbor setting up themselves to head to the ocean on the next turn.

Legends of Trinsic: The Cambrians err I mean New Trinsicans have also claimed their adjacent harbor and two surrounding territories. With their isolated position it will be some time before conflict comes to the Sandstone city, unless they go looking for it.

Ironwork Clan: The Dwarves seem content to remain mining away in their home territory and have not claimed any land this turn.