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[Conquest] 2nd Turn!

Here is the updated map from week 2:


Imperium Prevalia: The Empire spent their turn concentrating on claiming the lands surrounding Prevalia

Boulderfist Clan: In a similar fashion to their neighbors the Orcs used their moves to secure their homeland

Exile Company: The mercenary company took control of a large norther territory but otherwise fortified their previous holdings.

Clan Ulfhednar: The clan has moved their entire force onto two vessels, the Aegir's Wrath and the Wave Serpent, to whence do they sail?

Legends of Trinsic: The upstarts from Cambria have taken another territory adjacent to their home city and launched a galleon perhaps with intentions to the north?

Ironwork Clan: The Dwarves continue to be content to remain mining away in their home territory and have not claimed any land this turn.