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[Conquest] Prevalia under attack

Praeceptorum Severus stood over a map of northern Prevalian territory, the table sized parchment was covered in small markers indicating general locations of legion and orcish forces. Titus had been at his field command tent near the occupied village of Calyma for nearly a fortnight monitoring the Boulderfist Clan's expansion. He anticipated a major offensive from the greenskins and as such the vast majority of the legion was accompanying him.

Maybe if we swing north near Pulma and pincer their main group... the commander thought to himself. That won't work, they will just scatter and regroup, the joys of fighting an unconventional force.

As he stood pondering the legion's next move a courier stepped into the tent.

"Praeceptorum an urgent message for you," the young man handed Titus a rolled scroll and stepped out of the tent.

Praeceptorum Severus,

Prevalia has been attacked by a group of mercenaries flying the Exile Company's banner. The defense of the city was rallied by the few legion recruits that were not sent on your current campaign. These recruits, although eager and steadfast, we're ill prepared for battle. They called for assistance from the citizen militia and achieved initial success in repelling the assault at the Zoo gate. However the majority of the defenders were not trained for war and the hardened mercenaries soon took the upper hand. The battle raged through the streets of the city and even into the arena. Although taking heavy loses the militia kept up the fight to defend the innocent citizens. Whether the invaders completed some unknown objective or were sent to just cause mayham it mattered not as they were eventually corralled towards the upper docks. They seemed to have been more in control of the situation as the militia were aware as waiting for them was a boat ready to launch. The loses to Prevalia were great which we attribute to the invaders overwhelming organization and use of the arcane arts both offensively and defensively against a haphazardly thrown together force of melee fighters. However the defenders should be commended for answering the call and protecting the royal family and the city citizens. We await your orders on how to proceed.

Titus thought for a moment: who sent these mercenaries to our shores and for what reason? Only one way to find out.

The Praeceptorum stepped out of the tent and called his Centurions over. "Forget the orcs for now, we march for Andaria. These sell swords have much to answer for."
Kil'gu awoke from his long slumber to find a hastily scrawled note clutched in the hands of an orcish slave.

"Diz frum skowt pardee" the slave explained.

Snatching the note and quickly reading over its contents Kil'gu flashed a big grin.

"Har har! Dem Preb oomies git rayd'd by uz brudder Z’hedra!" He exclaimed aloud to no one in particular. "Nuw iz tyme fer uz to tayk uz landz bak. Tu WAR!"

He order the slave to assemble the grunts, inform the Elder Mak'r of the upcoming campaign, and prepare the traditional fish head stew.
"Agh blah tu Ur'rik dat ee neeb him kounsil", Kil'gu said before the slave disappeared into the night. He sat down on the ground, pulled out a tattered old map and began pondering the best approach to this new campaign. Surely the Prevalians will not be taken by surprise again.
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Ecthelion reined in his horse, coming to an abrupt stop as he eyed the clear sky above. His keen ears caught the tell-tale the cry of a messenger eagle. He whistled, held out his arm and before long, the majestic bird landed in a flutter of wings.

He untied the scroll tube from its foot and quickly scanned the contents of the message.

" Prevalia attacked. It's time." Was all the message said and needed to say. Ecthelion understood it's meaning perfectly and turned his horse around.

He leant forward to pat his horse on the neck and whispered into its ear, "The western frontier will have to wait for now my friend. We ride to Prevalia."

Asfaloth, his faithful steed tossed his head in understanding and kicked off into a canter. Dust plumed behind them as they sped headlong towards home and the promise of war.