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[Conquest] Results of Turn #5 and Official moves for Turn #6


Imperium Prevalia: The Imperials have hired a group of Privateers from the city of New Trinsic, details of the agreement are not publicly known however temporary control of the city docks have been handed over to the southern seafarers.

Boulderfist Clan: The orcs have moved their forces around but have not advanced on any front this week.

Exile Company: The mercenary company continues to hold the city state of Andaria

Clan Ulfhednar: The Northmen disembarked outside Prevalia's southern border, battle seems imminent.

Legends of Trinsic: New Trinsic's Galleon 'the Lusty Wench' was spotted in Prevlia's harbor.

Ironwork Clan: Still quiet on the dwarven front.

Yew Rangers: Out of the shadows of the forests come a new group of players, the Yew Rangers have claimed the West Palace as their base of operations.

Official Moves for week #6 already posted:

Legends of Trinsic: Disembark all troops to 99 from the Lusty Wench. Launch 2 galleons 1 carrack from Dock #7. Brookstorm, Pint Sized, Fefe Move to #155 and Claim it. Sir Pickles introduced to game, Launches Carrack from Dock #10 and boards.

Boulderfist Orcs: Kil'gu, Ur'rik, and Dra'ull-erg'a move from #76 to #57 Brug'dub, Niktiku, Daka'rot move from #57 to # 72 and claim it Duhka ,bogdan, Jooz hold #76

Remaining moves may be posted below by the guilds involved!
The Lusty Wench had anchored at the Prevalian docks under flag of parlay as was agreed. Upon stepping down from the gangplank, Jack was greeted by a nervous young soldier carrying a rolled parchment.

“Excuse me Captain Scallywag, Senator Titus has requested your presence in the Senate Chambers. He wishes to speak at once.”

Jack snatched the parchment and lazily tossed it to one of his crewmates. “Yes, yes. He’s been waiting three weeks and he can wait one night longer. First things first. Take me to the nearest Brothel. I’ve heard Prevalia has some of the finest whores in Outlands!”

Cheers from the crew rang out as they were escorted on by the blushing Prevalian soldier.