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[Conquest] Siege of Andaria

"Twelve days, its been twelve days and we have not gotten 10 yards into the city," Titus Severus lamented to his assembled officers.

Without meeting his eyes the Optio of Prima Cohort responded, "These mercenaries are more well trained than they look."

The others in the field tent stated nodding in agreement.

"What are our options?" The Praeceptorum asked to no one in particular.

"They're sell swords right? Each has a price." Centurion Dexsius mused, "perhaps we can 'persuade' some of them to turncoat?"

Titus noded, "do it."

The following morning the daily assault played out a bit differently. Legionnaires in the vanguard were outfitted with pouches of gold rather than the typical violet potions. After getting close to the gates the Prevalians let loose an extremely expensive volley. At first the mercenaries fired their arrows and spells but the soldiers at the front stopped the moment they noticed the gold pouring out of the thrown pouches. An odd lull came over the battle.

"More where that came from! Fight for Prevalia!" A legionnaire shouted.

The mercenaries looked to a man in a deer head mask. He walked to a pouch, checked the contents, and placed it in his pack.

"Vas Ort Flam," whispered the antlered figure while keeping his eyes on the Prevalian line.

Light flashed and the ground quaked as a massive explosion erupted far back in the Exile Company's ranks. The group surrounding the turncoat turned and advanced on their former comrades with the legion on their heels. With the split force the Prevalian side pushed through the gates and into the city.

Fighting raged for the rest of the day and through the night. Each side would take an advantage and push followed by a counter attack. The two armies danced back and forth with neither winning any decisive skirmishes.

Praeceptorum Severus was becoming frustrated with the battle, gaining ground, losing ground. "That's it, if it worked for one it'll work for all." He scribbled a note and pulled a small red chest filled to the brim with gold. "Take this under the banner of cease fire"

To the Company,

Whatever your benefactor is paying the Prevalian Emperor will double it. Here is a gift in good faith, keep it whether we can make a deal or not.

The following morning not a single sound was heard throughout the city. Centurion Dexsius and the Prima Cohort carefully entered the main square to find the Exile Company formed in ranks, a bit sloppy, but ranks nonetheless.