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[Conquest] The war party forms

Kil'gu walked back and forth through his ranks of Grunts and Gruntees inspecting his troops for the battle to come. Battle hardened and scarred, years of battle etched on their faces and bodies, tales of victory and defeat told without words. A few fresh faces, yet to spill human blood and bathe in its warmth, looked on eagerly at their commander. Kil'gu pondered their next move.

"Da Prebian oomies hab promis'd uz irun if uz rayd Kambrya landz", Kil'gu explained. "Bud uz hab nub seen any ting yed!"
"Ee tink dem am sneek-e, lyk awl oomies am" said Dra'ull-erg'a , visibly agitated, followed by cheers of agreement from the ranks.

Kil'gu looked to the north, the lands to Cambria would be a long trek and it would be weeks before his horde would see any battle. The sellswords would be worthy opponents for sure, but with the bloodlust running at a fever pitch battle needed to happen soon.
He then looked south, at the walled city with light grey smoke pouring into the sky from a recent battle. The promise of an easy battle lay right before him, yet the offer from the Prevalians still stood, late as it may be. A decision needed to be made and it needed to happen soon.