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[Conquest] Turn #4

Updated map:


I know we missed a posting for turn 3, but it was an uneventful turn... just some boats floating about. Anyway on to #4:

Imperium Prevalia: Emperor Iaric IV has recalled most combatants to the city, rumors of fearsome northmen sailing south have been circulating for some time.

Boulderfist Clan: The clan has consolidated its power just north of the city of Prevalia without either side posturing for an invasion, how long might that last?

Exile Company: The mercenary company continues to hold the city state of Andaria

Clan Ulfhednar: Northmen sail with near their entire clan south, landfall soon seems certain.

Legends of Trinsic: The Trinsican fleet heads north which target will draw their attention?

Ironwork Clan: Perhaps the small folk have gotten lost in their mines? No movement as of yet, well on the surface world at least.