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[Conquest] Writ of Protection

Be it known that the Ironwork Clan (Angaz Rey) has been granted an Imperial Writ of Protection.

The Clan has settled in the western border of the Prevalian Empire and has demonstrated steadfast commitment to fiercely protecting their lands, a trait Prevalia admires. Additionally, trade and cooperation has flourished between our two peoples. As such henceforth those wishing harm on the Ironwork Clan will draw the wrath of the Prevalian Legion.

(This is the first of hopefully many conquest related diplomatic postings, if any guild wishes to post on a subject specifically related to conquest please place [Conquest] in the title thanks. And get ready less than 6 days to go! )
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Jack drank deeply from his flask then re-read the dispatch. His spies had been busy indeed. A raven from the north had arrived that night.

Prevalia joins forces with Ironwork Clan.
Bolstering forces in anticipation of war.
Orcs press northern border.
Southern Border weak. Naval forces depleted.

Where there was war... There was profit. Jack smiled his crooked, devious smile.
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