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Cooking / Food / Hunger


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Cooking / Food / Hunger

System Summary
  • Players craft food items through the Cooking skill and use Skillets or Rolling Pins
  • Nearly all monsters / creatures will yield different types of meats / foods / leather when carved
  • Players who have the Forensic Evaluation skill when carving corpses will receive more resources than normal, and will see a higher chance of finding more rare cooking ingredients from them 
  • Food comes in 5 levels of quality, referred to as Food Satisfaction
  • Food satisfaction levels (from low to high) are: Paltry, Meagre, Adequate, Appetizing, Delectable
  • Food acquired from loot drops and store-purchased will always be Paltry, where as players can use cooking crafting to craft a large variety of recipes all the way up to Delectable
  • Players have a maximum fullness level of 60, and eating food increases this (at 60 fullness a player is too full to eat)
  • Higher quality of foods will restore stamina similar to that of Refresh potions but will make the player fuller much faster (i.e. have large fill amounts)
  • Players normally passively regenerate 1 Hit Point every 6 seconds, 1 Stamina every 4 seconds, and 1 Mana every 8 seconds (armor and meditation skill also modify this)
  • When a player eats food, for the next hour that player has a chance to passively regenerate 2 Hits, Stam, or Mana instead of gaining 1, with chances modified based on the food's Food Satisfaction level
  • The food passive regeneration bonus effect does not apply while the player is in PvP, however
  • If a player eats an equal or better quality (satisfaction) food item within an hour, the hour timer will reset and the player's Food Satisfaction level will improve to the new food's level (you will never downgrade to a "worse" food type)
  • Most foods are consumed after one usage, however most Delectable foods have multiple "bites" (i.e. uses) before they are completely consumed
  • Players can view the statistics of a food item by using Taste Identification on the item (regardless of their skill level)
  • Player's can view their own information about Food Satisfaction, Fullness Level by using Taste Identification on themselves or by clicking the Food and Hunger tab on the Outlands Overview help page

Players can carve nearly all creatures in the world to receive meats and other crafting ingredients. 

Players can use the Forensic Eval skill to target a corpse to carve (providing they have a knife in their pack or equipped), and based on their Forensic Eval skill, will receive more resources including greater chances at rarer cooking ingredients.

Players use Skillets and Rolling Pins to cook food using the Cooking skill. Food items are organized based on Food Satisfaction level of the item, which higher quality items requiring larger amounts of cooking skill.

Store-bought or loot-dropped foods will never exceed Paltry level: only player-cooked items will.

If Highlight Skillgain Items is toggled on in the crafting menu, items that have chances of Cooking skill gain will appear in green text.

Delectable food items often have several "bites", and can be consumed multiple times

Players can use the Taste Identification skill on any food items (regardless of their skill level) to view details of the food item including:

  • Bites remaining (i.e uses remaining)
  • Fill Amount (adds to player's fullness, which maxes at 60)
  • Stam Regained (player regains that much stamina when eating the item)
  • Hits / Stam / Mana chance at x2 Passive Regen
Players normally passively regain 1 Hit Point every 6 seconds, 1 Stamina every 4 seconds, and 1 Mana every 8 seconds (which is modified based on armor and meditation skill).

When a player consumes a food item, and if they have not eaten anything in the last 60 minutes OR the food item they are consuming is equal or better than their existing Food Satisfaction that is currently in place, that player's Food Satisfaction level is now set to that of the new item for the next 60 minutes.

During this 60 minute period, whenever the player passive regains Hit Points, Stamina, or Mana, they have a chance (based on the Food Satisfaction level) to regain 2 Hits / Stam / Mana instead of the normal 1.

This effect does not work during PvP, however.

Players can use the Taste Identification skill on themselves or click the Food and Hunger tab of the Outlands Overview help page to view their current statistics regarding food / satisfaction, including how much time is left on their current food item.

Each food item has it's own Fill Amount which adds to the player's Fullness. When at 60 fullness, a player cannot eat anymore food items.

The items got changed as new art came along.
I was just curious if we can expect to see more "baked goods" in the future. I know Owyn had made comment on possibly introducing brewing/distilling in the future, so maybe the cooking system is still being tweeked? I'm just feeling like something is missing without any cookies to share. :)


Art was changed.
We still have tons of unused art - this will be used in a variety of systems (brewing has certainly been mentioned more than once.)