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Corpse Creek Flashpoint

Here is an idea to create lots of field PvP and a constant hotspot to find fights.

1. Remove faction flash points from dungeons.
2. Have a single flash point in corpse creek.
3. Every 2 hours there is a 15-20 minute flash point in the center of corpse creek.
4. Instead of it being per faction, have this guild based.
5. Whatever guild holds this flash point will hold corpse creek until the next flash point.
6. Winning guild gets a ~10% gold and ~10% special loot drop buff which will last roughly 1 hour 45 minutes until the next corpse creek flash point occurs.

So basically, instead of having flash points across all the different dungeons. People will just go to corpse creek and fight over the flash point there. This will create a real hotspot in the world and get people in the habit of checking corpse creek for PvP when they log in. The buff to gold and special loot drop is enough to get guilds out there to take the flash point but it's not overpowering by any means, just a nice little boost that guilds will want to maintain and fight over.

It's pretty simple but I can guarantee it will create a ton of field PvP while turning corpse into a constant hot spot for field fights.

EDIT Feb 17th - 2019

We feel that a more appropriate reward would be something like this.

1. Have a level 5-6 tmap equivalent chest spawn at the start of the flash point/corpse creek contest area.
2. The winning guild gets looting rights to this chest for 10 minutes after the event ends.
3. After 10 minutes the chest goes FFA and anyone can loot it.

Reason being: The reward should be a right then and there type thing, it does not make much sense for the reward to result in PvP'rs going to farm monsters. This is an immediate tangible reward people will fight for and guilds can help fund their PvP activities this way.
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i like it, but i don't think a 10% gold and skill gain buff is enough to incentivize more ppl to get into pvp.

if the buff lasts 105minutes and it takes 20minutes to get it you would break even if the buff gave ~20% gold increase, compared to just ignoring the flash point and farming for the full 125 minutes. and that's considering you get it every time. so a guild who is not really into pvp, not practiced in it and likely has a low chance to get the buff in the first place will most likely not profit from a 10% gain at all.

so imo a bigger buff is needed, and the buff should only work for chars that have faction enabled. no point to have a guild get the buff then log on their blues to farm. if a big enough gold gained buff only works for faction chars, it would also encourage people to put their pvm chars into factions. also i think a substantial buff to gold gained instead of measly 10% is warranted because of the added danger of farming on orange chars.

edit: also, look at it like this: the buff is what should bring people to do the flashpoint, right? the winning guild gets it, and to make use of it they log in their orange pvm chars. the guilds that lost now have a chance to indirectly profit from the buff by killing the winning guilds pvm chars, who then in turn can come back on their pvp chars. and so on.

i do agree though that flashpoints in general should be on a guild vs guild basis instead of OvCvF.
I edited the post to be special loot drop instead of skill gain.

Either way the #'s can be adjusted up a bit, that's up to the admins here. I put the little ~ meaning it's just a rough number. The point is that whatever guild that holds corpse gets a nice little boost.
I could go either way on that. I personally wouldn't want to flag on my farm char with aspect gear.

The way I envision this system is that everyone can participate in the corpse creek contest, reds, blues, faction, everyone can do it, and the entire guild would get the buff, not just faction flagged chars.

The point of this isn't to get more people into factions, although it may happen as an alternative. The point is to turn CC into a hotspot and create a ton of fighting here. The reward would be more impactful if it applied to the entire guild and not just faction chars.

Keep in mind our guild is 5 active players so it's not like i'm speaking from what would benefit us, I doubt we'll ever hold CC with our numbers. I'm just thinking of what would get the most people to participate in this, and that would be a flat guild wide buff.
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I absolutely agree that the buff works on faction members only.. And I also agree more than a 10% buff, the reality is, you will be fighting 10% of the time you are farming at best, probably more so, when fights happen, your farming shuts right down.. If it's not a significant buff, then no one will care for the buff...

It makes me just a little bit sad that people really want to be in factions part time, just to get a bonus a reward, and then go on their blues with more protection.. I think if you run factions, it should be full time factions - but those days are clearly past.. I truly do miss you Siege Perilous..
This isn't a faction thing. It's a guild thing.

It's something everyone can do, the whole point is to get as many people to corpse creek as possible to create a ton of fighting here. For that reason I think it would be better that the buff for holding corpse creek applies to the entire guild.

Once again it's a guild thing, a guild will control corpse creek (not a faction) and have the buff for 2 hours until another guild (or the same one) takes it during the next flashpoint. You might even see some of the PvM guilds conscripting PvP'rs just to try to capture and retain CC.

Nobody wants to flag their PvM chars into factions. PvM chars have gimpy templates with no resist or wrestling, or they are bards where half of their template is wasted on pure PvM skills. Not to mention aspect gear that people don't want to burn or the fact when people PvM they want to raise aspect levels. I'm all for getting more people into factions, but this isn't the solution to that. This isn't a shard where you can farm on a tank mage, you need specific PvM templates and aspect gear. I wouldn't even farm on my tank mage with a 50% special loot buff it's just that slow compared to my level 11 aspect char.

Maybe using the term "flashpoint" wasn't the right name, it's a similar mechanic but focused towards individual guilds and not an entire faction. Owyn suggested the name Corpse Creek Contest
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if pvper get loot bonus for pvp

i want dmg bonus in pvp for killing bosses.

the reason why noone fights in cc is ppl dont want to fight.

and forcing ppl with high bonus into pvp wont work it will drive just players away from the game.

The time of random pvp in UO is long gone the mentality of most players changed. most ppl just care about winning anymore.
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I think that speaks more to the amazing work the devs put into the pvm element here. Most servers are boring same old farm fests where the only thing left to do is pvp for epeen points and then get bored and quit the server. Here I feel like you can farm for the next 5 years and still not get bored.
Why corpse creek? Why not just have flashpoints useful in dungeons... No offense Owyn, but corpse creek has major map problems specifically in the area of the usual struggle point. Dudes disappear on that hill, it eats spell targeters regularly. Beautiful landscape, but there are mechanical issues.

Dungeons add an element of chaos that can't be replaced. I'd even go further and say faction flashpoints should occur deeper in dungeons not just 1st level.
Dungeon fighting has too much randomness due to the mob AI and mob special attacks. The area is enclosed making mobility difficult thus making it harder to fights larger groups/zergs who already hold a numerical advantage.

Corpse creek layout could be better but everyone is flagged criminal there, so doesn't matter if anyone is faction flagged, and red do not take PK penalty so reds can show up and participate. Basically it's a big FFA.
Dungeon fighting has too much randomness due to the mob AI and mob special attacks. The area is enclosed making mobility difficult thus making it harder to fights larger groups/zergs who already hold a numerical advantage.

Corpse creek layout could be better but everyone is flagged criminal there, so doesn't matter if anyone is faction flagged, and red do not take PK penalty so reds can show up and participate. Basically it's a big FFA.
Like I said, they should apply CC rules to the faction flashpoints. I disagree though. I think it's easier to kill zergs in dungeons because the mobs have a higher percent chance to attack the zerg, simply because they have more players. It's a lot more difficult to play a 3 v 6 IMO in fair open combat. I don't think reds should get PK penalties in faction related events.
Each to their own but I would much, much rather fight a large group outside on horse back where there's plenty of room to run rather than on foot in a dungeon where one stone wall can end you.
So I was talking to Zigo about this and basically the reward of having +special loot is not really appropriate.

1. Giving a special loot bonus means that for PvP'rs to enjoy the rewards they have to start PvM'ing.
2. This is counter productive because it takes the PvP'rs out of the PvP scene and makes them have to PvM.

His suggestion for a more appropriate reward would be.

1. Have a chest pop up in the middle of the flash point that is equivalent to a level 5-6 T-map chest.
2. The winning guild gets loot access to this chest for 10 minutes after the flashpoint ends.
3. After 10 minutes the chest becomes a FFA chest and anyone can loot it.

This makes the rewards immediately tangible for PvP'rs and they won't need to start PvM'ing to reap the benefits. It also adds the bonus that there will be some fighting for the chest even after the flash point ends.

Doing something like this will ensure that no flash point goes uncontested, bringing lots of action and rewards for people participating.
Proposed Flash Point / Corpse Creek Contest schedule.

Basically every hour there should be a rotation, first a dungeon flash point, and then a corpse creek contest.

Put faction struggles on the half hour time slot.

Put struggles at 30 minutes each (this is plenty)

So for example for the NA time it would look like

(est times)

6pm - Corpse Creek Contest
7pm - Dungeon Flash Point
8pm - Corpse Creek Contest
9pm - Dungeon Flash Point
9:30pm - Faction Struggle
10pm - Corpse Creek Contest
11pm - Dungeon Flash Point
Midnight - Corpse Creek Contest

And so on, 3x struggles a day for 30 mins each falling inbetween the corpse contest/flash points.
So factions is literally just PvP events, and there is no daily factions outside of events? When will something tangible come to encourage people being in factions for 100% of their gameplay time?

Factions was never always about maxing PvP templates, bit finding a balance...
I'm fine with PvP events when they are in the open world and are full loot.

Something tangible for 100% faction players is coming with Sigils I believe, for now, lets just get people PvP'ing.