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Dear Luthius and Dear Owyn

Dear @Luthius and dear @Owyn..

After many many countless hours of running thru dungeons and enjoying my day seeing players with blue names attempt to run away from me or be silly enough to fight me back I started to wonder... if shouldn't my skin colour be more white and pale since I spend so much time in dungeons away from sun?..

As I sat on top of a pile of corpses of innocent players and delusional pvpers I thought to myself... what if... I change my characters apperance , make him maybe more... pale? Upon that thought I decided I will go to my home town Corpse Creek and seek out the stylist npc to help me with my issue. I ran and ran around , checked every corner of my lovely town with no sign of her!

I took a look at my murder count , seeing it hasn't gone up since a while becaouse of the time I wasted looking for the stylist! I decided I shall ascend to forums and make a forum account , even tho with all the despise I have for forums and discord becaouse of how many useless and worthless opinions there are listed, I started writing this thread with a hope that my wish will be granted so some day hopefully I will be able to make my character more pale.

Sincerely yours best player & player killer, Veton.

TL;DR - add stylist npc to Corpse Creek
Along this line of thinking, shouldn't there be a Society Master in Corpse Creek also handing out challenges? Collect 100k gold pk'ing in a week or collect so much gold pk'ing in such and such dungeon. :)


Challenges are account based. You can accept them on one character and complete on any character. But +1 for the stylist. My red orc is a nasty human color as well :(