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Defending fun pets from evil PK's who are sad they cant win 100% of the time (Snowdrifts)

The flip side of this, is that because of the insane movement speed reductions from PvP flagging, pets are completely useless in PvP without a ranged attack.
You recognize this, and yet you think they should be bad for pvm too?

What's happening here on Outlands is that most pets are so weak that anything remotely unterrible stands out from the rest and is perceived as "too strong." So it gets nerfed, and then the next-least-terrible thing stands out as "too strong," and on and on it goes.

I didn't bother trying to get snowdrifts because I figured they'd be smashed by the nerf train long before I could ever level them with my limited playtime (just like every other pet I tried), but a lot of my guildmates have them and all I hear is stuff like "damn these were overhyped, they're really not that great."
Snowdrifts were nerfed again, 50% damage reduction to "flurry". Their projectile (special ability) now does "damage max * 0.5", previously it was just "damage max". This effects both PvM and PvP.
I posted on the forums first. I was not aware of the multiple addresses to this issue.


I saw this in game and assumed it was intentional.

But yes, a few mins after I posted on the forums Owyn posted that response in discord.
It means,

Mindless is a shit lord.
I am an edge lord.
And snowdrifts along with all other pet nerfs need to be reversed (go for bullvoire charge/stun) and PvP scalars put back to 50%.

Otherwise mother russia will make trouble for you.

That is Wizphomet the herpetic god of the ancient spanx. It is a symbol of pure devastation and rekt-oning upon all those who would doubt the original fairness of the Drift.

As you can see the bearded ladygod sits above the game board while deriving energy from it via the divine sword "Guntbreaker". The knaves and foes upon the board playing the game unwittingly send their evil energy into the Guntbreaker though the board itself and into the legendary sword. The Guntbreaker sends its power through Wizphomet and into the great triangular sun which in turn provides the essential light for all things to live and grow.

Now please sir... Keep things on topic here - the topic is Snowdrifts are awesome and Mindless is a donkey.

Thank you.