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Developer Debrief – UO Outlands 1/30/19 - full transcript

Developer Debrief – UO Outlands 1/30/19
Please note that anything in () is my summation or attempting to summarize a visual part of the twitch stream. Most comments 100% accurate. There are probably a few typos however. Also, Owyn, CLX, and Expo have not vetted these comments so this does not imply endorsement. If I messed up a transcript, that’s on me! Not them.
Expo – E
Owyn – O

Chatter about the Cavernam opening, crashing the server with 400 people on screen, Owyn ruining UO one patch at a time, etc.

O – We’ve got a lot of things to talk about tonight. The staff team has been hard at working thinking about the past and what we can learn from what we’ve done. The present, what players are experience and identifying those issues that are flagged most often and the future, what we have in the works. The last two weeks have been pretty eventful. It’s been pretty exciting. We had the tournament that was or wasn’t which ultimately didn’t happen because of a few unforeseen issues.
C- So what actually happened there?
O- We had 106 contestants enter into the tournament and one part of the system that we didn’t foresee was that matches have to end or be over before the tournament begins. So, people were excitingly trying their new templates and dueling and when the tournament started it didn’t properly deactivate existing matches. So, the first few rounds happened and then another bug happened that caused massive shardwide lag every time someone won. So, the matches that did perceive caused issues for the whole shard. Which is one thing. I think there were about 450 spectators and over 106 entrances in that tournament. But, there were still 1,000 people that weren’t involved in the tournament. That interruption was just too great for us to ignore. We ended up postponing the first tournament. That was a bit deflating for all of us but, typically Luthius, had it all recoded and had it up on the test server. We had a test tournament on last Thursday in perpetration for the actual tournament taking place. Everything ran really smoothly. It was a really great showing. We did a bit of a cash prize to grab people’s attention and get them on the test shard.
C- How many on the test server? [for the test server tournament]
O- I think about 48?
C- That's pretty impressive. That is definitely related to you offering a cash prize.
O- Yeah, that's motivating for people. Once we knew it was working, we rescheduled the tournament for this past Saturday. Which saw another huge turnout. We had 89 entrants? Followed the order rule set. Nothing too crazy. The winner of that tournament was Axel and second place was choppa x and third place was Ancient Alien. It was fun. It ran smoothly. 1st place $500, 2nd place $250, 3rd place $100. The stakes were quite high. They also got a statue, Axel, which lists him as Outland’s first champion.
C- I think it’s safe to say that’s the highest cash prize for a UO event. [related to UO]
(A bunch of maybes followed.)
O- People have been very generous with their donations to Outlands. I think it’s pointless if we aren’t going to reinvest in the shard in that way. There is definitely opportunities for us to pay back the community and make enticing and exciting prizes. I think also with the new template system, for better or worse, it’s allowing people from other shards to log in and check out Outland and jump in the game, tournament system. Which begins to facilitate an interesting e-sports tournament scheme. So we will see how things progress. We have another Chaos tournament (first) happening this weekend. Chaos, there are no rules. It will be chaotic. It’s really meant to be a fun, joking day with nothing else attached. No cash prizes. I think as we hone in on tournament rulesets and making the tournaments system really more exciting, I could see continued cash prizes to entice people to play and take part and make those ranking systems more meaningful. That whole system could involve into something quite cool.

(Chaos is this Saturday at 3pm est. You can sign up on arena stone. You can view ruleset as well. It’s also in Discord. No loss associated with it. Come kill each other. Maybe get some special black cloth).
C- What hue is the arena black cloth?
O- Hue 2052. Dark black. I think we might make it one shade darker because now there is charcoal on the hue shop. That’s quite dark. (That is there permanently).
C- Have you talked about the new prevellia vendor, the hue shop?
O- We made some additions to the vender recently. We had 2 huge patches back to back. Luhius has been coding like a machine. One included an update to the Prevellia merchant. It was quite stale. People were feeling that Preveilla coins didn’t have any value. (Spice things up). So we added a hue shop which takes all those traditional hue you would see from BOD or the staining system on OSI and made them available for gold or prevellia coins on the merchants. You can dress in your rich purples or whatever classic hues you like from OSI and those will always be there. That’s a permanent collection. It might have hues added to it as we go. I think there are 25 hues all together. We added a limited (3) edition clothing pieces: belt, pants, poncho (whatever it’s called). You can buy those, wear them. What they look like are in the patch notes. You can take a look there are see what you are buying. There is also some new deco items. Curtains, welcome mat, bathroom set (marble) if you have always wanted a toilet in your UO house.
(Banter about how ridiculous this is. 750k for the toilet. Visual: we look at the toilet. Comments about cleaning up shit all the time).
O- Cavernam opened. Brand new dungeon. 3 level, massive, snow and ice. Full of scary mobs. That event was insane. It was one of the craziest things I’ve seen for sure. I’ll preferance this by saying we are learning a lot about running events for too many people. There were 484 players in Cavernam at once. The largest UO event of all time! We got to talking and we think the largest event was the invasion of Trinsic spread over 12 or 13 shards (200 people on each taking part).
C- That's the largest event I can remember on OSI (Trin invasion).
(More cross talk about the size of the event. It was big.)
O- Cavernam is a large dungeon. I think people were looking for a dungeon like this on Outlands. Thankfully, level 1 is quite spacious. Once they got into the dungeon it was easier to navigate. Amazing event. Progression based. Had to kill everything before moving on to the next space. Full of explosions and ice blocking your way. There were a few glitches. We put a lot of pressure on Luthius. Things we are looking for and asking for. We had asked for some things at the last minute. Unfortunately, they weren’t function properly. People couldn’t heal their pets. At one point all 400 + players ran into a snow piercer which was tested on the test shard for 2 weeks with no issues. That gave us the confidence to move forward to move forward with the event. When the players attacked the snow piercer it blew though the timer code on the shard and shut everything down. So that was the first crash. Immediately the shard came back up and continued and we just removed the snow piercer. Thankfully that happened at the same time when players had run into the mini-boss which, for some reasoned, was super over tuned and basically wiped out 100 people. We had a nice little revert.
(Laughter at the slaughter of 100’s).
O- Revert put everybody back in the right place. Then the shard crashed again and at that point I told Luthius we needed to either stop and refocus what we were doing or postpone or whatever but most of the staff wanted to keep rolling along. So I suggested that we keep it down but just fix the pet issue because that was the main issue. There were some notoriety flags that were happening with looting or not being able to loot. You couldn’t perform any beneficial acts on your pet. So Luthius took it down and put it back up. But he went a little rouge and changed the rule set midway through. What we had advertised as a completely safe event was no longer safe. We did our best to announce it in game. We said the rules have changed. It’s a free for all. No looting restrictions. That’s my biggest regret of the whole thing. I wish that hadn’t occurred. It kept it down for an extra 10 minutes and make the change properly.
C- Easy to say in hindsight.
O- At one point I threw up my hands and screamed at my monitor and wandered away from my office. I took a break from the whole thing. It continued to roll along. We did receive hate mail and death threats and everything else about people losing their aspect gear. Not just losing the blessed but losing it all together which is a huge investment. We do apologize for that frustration. However, at the time, in the heat of the moment, it was what Luthius thought he could delivery without taking it too much further.
(Some more talk about Cavernam, first guilds to take down boss (LOD), dungeon is quite popular, nice added rotation in the dungeon system, 25 players last night rolling around in there, looking for new content, pets, monster, etc. People getting away from roaming groups of reds which can make short work of smaller dungeons).
O- I've made a few map changes already. The transition between level 2 and 3 is quite hard to find. If you aren’t looking or if you aren’t being directed there it’s not super obvious. I’ve made some map alterations for that which just makes it clearer basically.
C- It reminds me of the level switch between Fire dungeon 1 and 2.
O- That was my intention when designing it but I can understand why it needs to be a bit bigger.
C- Why are the white wyrms blue?
O- OMG, don’t get me started on why the white wyrms are blue.
(Consternation follows about the colors of dragons. Ask Luthius. Don’t get him started.)
O- I think a few of the (Cavernam) pets need to be altered. A few players have been messaging me about the Frost Prowlers and making them viable pets for what they are. There will be tweaks coming for pets in general. Not pets in general, but pets in Cavernam.
C- The dungeon looks really good. You can definitely see what you have been influenced by and how your mapping style has evolved.
O- I think that I’ve learned a lot by watching people play in dungeons. Watching people play in those creations. I just wanted to keep spaces open and add interesting choke points and alternative routes. Introduce the idea of different wings instead of a linear path. As you roll down Inferno level 1 it’s a circle and you have no choice but to go that way really unless you are willing to risk the bridges. I wanted to make a it quite large. I stayed pretty close to the references to the dungeons that I pulled to base this off in terms of size. I really like the lake. I think that’s an area that right now, just from watching people play, that is underfarmed. It’s great for bards and the mobs are in close proximity. They drop quite a bit of gold. So that space should be a bit more heavily frequented if you’re not already. It’s a great hunting spot. Also, you have two escape rune gates nearby. Head in that direction if you haven’t already.
C- What else (missed this)
O- Ossuary 4 is on the map but we haven't implemented it yet. Obviously. That’s probably gonna be the next event that we try to tackle. We’ll see if we approach it in a different way. I was talking with Expo if there was some way limit participation in that one. Even if we did 50 people at a time can roll through and they have an hour. You know? (CROSSTALK). Maybe the lead up event we do similarly to how we the expedition could, somehow, tie into access in Ossuary 4. So we don’t run into this overcrowding..
E- Clusterfuck.
O- Clusterfuck
O- So Ossuary 4 is coming. I also added new daemon template. You’ll have to find it. Some people have found it. That is a high frequency daemon spawn. It rotates through 7 different daemons. It adds a bit of spice to fighting them. Daemons have been also been buffed recently. They are doing unique attacks now. So that’s a fun little hunting spot. The island that they are on has basically been reinvigorated as a hunting location. So, head there. You can run all over it when the spawn’s down. It’s some overworld hunting areas. Which was one of the main things that I wanted to start doing is revitalizing the overworld. I now think people, players have moved on from the beginning stages of the game for the most part. The huge chuck of population has been with us for the past three months. And now they are looking for harder content to tackle. Which is necessarily boss content because that’s a whole different ballgame. The addition of the daemon temple is part, the first part, of many overworld revitalization. Making those overworld spawn areas more interesting.
O- Also we have added the casino. Which is accessible or will be accessible through Previlla. Luthius has two game ready to go for that. It isn’t ready yet but it’s in the pipeline. I think we are calling it the Golden Ignot. It will be accessible thorough Previlla. We shared some screenshots. It’s also in the patch notes. It’s a cool looking building.
(The casino is shown on the Twitch stream. Looks cool! More talk about the Golden Ignot, Guard zone, not safe zone. Monster Shuffle, random slot machine. Amazing. It’s a UO themed slot machine. Statues and deco. Liar’s dice. Red Dead Redemption. Again, looks awesome. More games: blackjack, poker.)
C- Owyn, you said you had some exciting future news for the server?

O- Yeah. To say the least. There is going to be a thread on the forums soon which we are calling our development pipeline to outline the plans that we have in motion. For different systems coming through. There are a bunch of them. I think the main thing we learned from Cavernam, especially being screamed out and threated with our lives is people losing aspect gear. We’ve been noticing that players who have aspect gear see aspect gear as their end game outlet. Rightly so. That is what we intended. So, when players lose their bless on aspect gear their not brave enough to roll it out and that’s a 24 hour downtime. If they can’t afford another set, they simply log out and play another game. For player retention, that’s not a smart design. We started to brainstorm different ideas and different things that we wanted to change or we thought we could change. There has been chatter in chat. People who over reacting about protentional changes we could implement to the aspect system. Instead of moving into “pay to bless” or an insurance system or a perma blessed situation, we’ve gone completely the other direction. Essentially, what we are introducing, is a system called “Mastery Chain”. Which, I’ll get back to the chain part next, but the aspect system will now we tied to this chain. Essentially, players will be able to do is equip their normal armor (val, ver, dull copper, iron, whatever) and they can then add their aspect to that gear. So, they are wearing normal gear, they add the aspect to it, it becomes aspect gear. They fuel it with our arcane essence and then when they die, that gear drops on that corpse. They are not losing major aspect gear. This has a few important parts to it which I think are pivotal to the whole system. It removes the tedium of changing each piece. You charge the chain. IT removes the bless mechanic and allows get to drop so you aren’t total devastated when you lose your aspect gear. You are not logging out when your gear is unblessed because it doesn’t have a bless mechanic anymore. IT throws the economy back into rotation because, right now, people have one set of gear and they aren’t buying any other armor. Ignots have no value. Crafted gear has no value. So I really think it’s for the best. I just want to preference this whole conversation with you will be refunded for the suits you have so what you have won’t be lost. The only value we can’t account for is if you paid a crafter. So if you paid some 30,000 to do that then you’re going to have lost our on 30,000. But, in general everything else will be accounted for. Everything will return back to what it was. There will be no loss. The whole thing... there really is no down side to this in my opinion. The system will take care of everything for you. It should be a really straightforward transition. We are obviously going to do a lot of testing on this because I think the aspect system is really pivotal.
(Phone rings, Owyn steps away for a second. Expo shows some images. More talk about the system. Seems like an improvement).
O- Basically aspect gear won’t physically exist anymore. You will equip the gear you want to wear, activate it through your mastery chain. You head out as normal. So once you are activated it will change color. It will look the same as it did before. Any you head out but when you die it will fall to your corpse. You aren’t losing some huge investment. That’s the key. Also the bless mechanic allows you to get back out into the field right away. I think it’s the right way to move forward with the aspect system which was cause more grief and heartache than anything. These suits are really valuable. A command suit is like 3 million gold. It’s heart wrenching when you lose it. These pixels are valuable to people. It’s important that something we needed to address. I think it was a design flaw moving forward. This change needed to happen. This is something that a player named Black Tea brought forward.
(Praise for Black Tea)
C- A few questions. How will this work with current gear and aspect levels in terms of leveling
O= You won't lose your levels; your gear will be recycled back into materials. If you used a val suit, it will return to val. The materials you used to craft it will be returned as well. They should return back into the market. Stay tuned, Luthius is working it out now. We are adamant that you won’t be put out of anything. Of course, your levels will remain. That’s not changing.
C- What happens with cores and aspects? Consume them in the same way but not directly on the armor or weapon?
O- Exactly. You have to consume them as you level up your aspect levels, you still require cores and extracts and distillations to level your gear. So, the requirement for those items is still there. Which, if you used them, you aren’t actually losing anything. All of your aspect levels are transferring straight across.
C- If I am tiered level 10 in my aspect, what will that mean in the new system?
O- You're still 10. There will be no loss other than your gear set will be recycled back to its original materials which you can then use and wear to heat out and fight right away.
(References to visual gumps – how far off? 75% completion right now.)
O- The second part of this is the mastery chain system which is a whole other ballgame. What we were realizing at the core of Outlands is that, beyond the aspect system and devolving your character, there really wasn’t anything to work towards. There was nothing worth fighting for. There was nothing worth building community over or alliances or contesting. A really long term goal. I think the start of the shard went off with a bang and there were some oversights in terms of the skill mastery system that should have been a long term system that ultimately wasn’t. The point that I’m trying to make is that we needed to build on top of our systems to create an end game system. Other shards have systems that people spend years working on. Grinds, sinks, everything else. People do crystals and fragments and stones and whatever else. Our take on the end game system is the mastery chain. I asked a player named Paper who created a cool graphic and, basically... Maybe I should start with the changes to the boss system.
(Cross chat)
O- We are changing the way that players have access to bosses. Right now, big groups of players that control everything. We are happy to support that community but groups of players who don’t play all the time and don’t have access to boss content that we want them to. We are still working out this mechanical but there will be a way for guilds to work through a quota to summon a boss on their own time. If your guild wants to kill Lord Bile on Friday night, they will have a chance to do that. I think one thing Outlands does is really funnels people to do content on our time. I don’t think is the right way to present UO content or sandbox content in general. Players need to be able to have access to content when they want it. My idea, whether it ends up like this or not, each guild has a quota on your guild menu. You see you need to kill 50,000 difficulty worth of a monster in order to have a chance to summon a boss. This would allow guilds to organize farming expeditions. It would allow them to schedule boss fights. It will basically shift the power into the player’s hands instead of some random 3 to 5 days to see a boss. We will also leave bosses on random timers so they are up randomly. I think we decided on 6 hours a boss will be able to be summoned. This all segways into the chain system. The goal of all of this would be to complete your tome of deeds which shows you have killed every boss and every mini boss and then you have a chance to summon the omni boss. I think Luthius has a new name for it (undecided). The omni boss would be kinda like our Harrow system. When a boss is killed, you’ll have a chance of getting a token and then you add the token to your tome and as you complete everything it will give you a chance to summon the omni boss. The omni boss will be a high hit point monster spawning in a neutral area which will create contests because it will one of few places where you will be able to receive a master chain. So, the master chains range from things like: increase mana reg, increased hit chance, increased accuracy, increased luck, increased crafting chance, whatever. Bronze, silver, gold. Bronze 1%, Silver 2%, Gold 3%. The goal would be to complete your entire chain up to 25 links. It will take resources to add and remove things. Ultimate, depending on the character, your customization will change. If you have a crafter or fisher or warrior or summoner. You may change or choose different things, customization, for your master change. This is all going to be quite rare. You may have bronze links on your chain forever until you find a silver or can afford a silver link. Or you get a gold link which would be the most coveted. Ultimately, you will be working towards this chain. The whole chain of events will be that you are in your guild. You are summoning bosses. You are getting tokens. You are summoning the omni boss. You are building your chain. I see that as being a long term progression for the shard in terms of PVM optimization for your character. It’s definitely meant to be something that is long term. You aren’t going to finish your chain in 2 weeks. This is a year + long endeavor. They are going to be rare. I think the whole gateway just to killing the omni boss in general will take some time. You need to kill all 18 bosses and I don’t know. I think it’s the foundation that Outlands needs in terms of PVM for a long term project for players to work on. It’s what we meant to be the long term projects aren’t taking very long. It’s hard to balance around people who play 24 hours a day for 3 months.
(Crosstalk about that, progression has been fast, pet levels have been fast, aspect level has been fast, etc.)
O- We added two new aspects as well this last patch, fortune and artisan. Also, level 11 and 12 are a massive progression beyond... it takes a lot more effort than level 10.
(More talk about omni boss, not instanced, they will be out in the open, summon boss on your own time rather than Outlands’ time)
C- That's incredibly important to casual players
O- Why are we restricting our best content? People love shrines. People love bosses. They like all of this progression. Obviously it’s end game content. It’s why we play UO in general. We want to be able to shift that control into players hands so they can do it on their time. Obviously, the loot table will be toned down because the frequency is increasing but he addition of the Omni Boss/Mastery chain will be even more motivating. There are tweaks that will happen but it’s definitely... I’m exiting about. I think it’s a really positive direction that they shard will go it. I think it was a missing link for the overall system. If the Omni Boss is up for 3 hours, it’s PVP , its PVM, it’s alliance. It’s what brings back the heart of UO in my opinion.
C- I think it will create a massive amount of PVP if there are a massive amount of bosses being done. People will be actively look to raid guilds which mean the PVM guilds will need PVP players.
O- We are gonna double up on Shrines moving forward. I’m not sure when this change will go in but probably around the same time as the boss system change. We are going to guarantee that a Shire happens from 12 midnight to 12 noon and another from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Twice a day. That will give players in our Asia and European time zones to see one or two. But it doesn’t just reward players who happen to be on at a random time. There is a greater chance that they will see a Shrine happen. They are very popular. 50 to 80 players at a time. They are busy and fun. The system is functioning finally. I don’t want to gateway that behind a random timer. They should be happening more often. It’s an opportunity for interesting things to take place and I don’t think that protentional has been necessarily reached yet. In terms of PVP and contesting. There was an incident earlier when the shard crashed and a group of players stood over the corpse and wouldn’t let anyone have their tokens. That kind of notoriety, hate stuff, it adds to the life blood of the shard. As difficult as it can be to swallow. It does make for some interesting occurrences.
C- Time frame? Too early to say?
O- It is not far off to be honest. You will see on the post on the forum that Luthius has a breakdown on how complete things are. So, I think like the mastery chain is about 75%. The aspect rewrite is basically finished. Two to four-week period for implementation for most of these ideas. It shouldn’t take long to have these ideas rolling now. So those are two major system. I haven't been too specific because some details are still being worked out.
E- There will be more on the forum
O- More in-depth in the patch notes. That information will come out shortly. A few other things. We have the exchange officer in the works. The exchange officer will allow you to trade in previous items. You missed the cut off and didn’t get into the event or you stock piled a lot of roast chickens. That will be implemented soon. Tonight I think. That will make an appearance soon. Prevellia somewhere. I’m actually rebuilding a bit of Prevellia. It because a mishmash. I wasn’t pleased. The other cities look stronger so I started to rework them a bit to make them into something looks better. (Someone, missed it) is building a castle which will be part of a future sigil system for the faction system. In additional to that, there will be the exchange officer because and some new stuff because I deleted a mage shop. I have to put that somewhere else. Prevellia is getting a bit of a returned.
C- Factions?
O- The guild system is has seen a bit of an overhaul. That will be the guild feud system which will allow two guilds to fight each other they put on the table basic on a certain criteria. If you want to put 500,000 gold on the table and the first guild to 60 kills wins then they get 500,000. That gold is held in escrow and they duke it out. There will be a reason for guilds to get into conflict. It will be fun. I think it will be great. So can a blood feud against another guild. You go to war with them when the blood feud is accepted. Each guild kills anther member and they get a kill count, which gets tacked on.
(More talk about blood feuds, motivating drive for pvpers, specific flagging so your crafters don’t get caught up, ganked at banks)
O- We have the guild treasury which is coming in. I think it’s a really exciting feature which will allow guilds to manage their finances. If you are going to put money up for a blood feud then you need to have some money going on in the guild. There is a ton of different features when the GUMPs are reveled. Basically you can tithe your guild and fill the coffers of your guild and that money can be used to have feuds. Additionally there is a ledger so you can see who is contributing and who is withdrawing. There are a few ledger features for player venders so you can see what's sold and for how much. Also a transaction feature for guilds.
O- PVP. It’s a hot topic. There has been a lot of chat. A lot of people saying they have no reason to log in. They aren’t finding oranges and they aren’t finding fights. Because there aren’t sanctioned PVP fights they are moving into griefing or being a red. I don’t think that’s health for the long term health of the shard. We are trying to find ways for there to be more persistent PVP in the world. We are removing the struggles only flag. We see people who log in, take part in the struggle, there is no repercussion. They don’t lose any loot. They just farm points and log out again. In my opinion, that’s not good for any long term health of the shard. Those 30 people who are taking part in the struggle. Should be out in the world. Creating organic fights and conflict. They shouldn’t be relying us to hold their hands and 6 times a day take part in a struggle. We are hopeful the sigil like system, base system, that we are creating will create an opportunity for that persistent PVP to take place more often. Also, encourage players to not just be flagged for struggled and actually motivate them to take part in some overworld organic PVP. I think between that and the omni boss which will be highly contested we will see more pvp happening. We are searching for more purpose and motivation for the faction system. From my point of view, it seems a bit soulless. I think, for flash points, it needs to be a bit richer. Right now it means nothing. In some cases, it's just people sitting afk farming prestige but ultimately it doesn’t mean anything. We are working on making the entire faction system richer from the bottom. I think that struggles have their place. I’m a bit disgruntled in terms of participation and people farming just for their mount token without any consequence. That, to me, is not a great thing. But stay tuned for those details in how we are working to make the pvp side of the shard more rich and enticing for people to take part in.
O – If given the opportunity to take the easy road, players do. Obviously. If you can just take part in the struggle and, no matter what, depending on what that looks like, if you are involved in a 15 v 15 zerg, I don’t know if that’s necessary participation so much. But I think it’s... we need to guide players into a more organic pvp experience than just these sanctioned events happening throughout the day.
C- If you give people options to just do struggles and never lose any loot, a decent percentage of people will get their fix frim that.
O- Right, but then people log out. Those people aren’t taking part in the life of the shard. The community and the persistent experience which is what make UO so special. We are finding that they log in for their 30 minutes and they log out and we don’t see them again. They not even faction flagged. They are sitting in safety at the bank. They are never out in the world on another character. It’s a completely free self-contained bubble. They are playing, we are happy with that. But, I think that we need to entice them out of that bubble a bit more.
C- PVP needs to have world changing effects that people can fight over. Control of dungeons, resources, etc.
O- I agree. Purpose is the world that I keep throwing around. How to make PVP and the faction system meaningful. It’s a tricky one. IF you give people the opportunity to farm their own silver or kills or bounty board... all of those systems have been abused. It isn’t a direction that we want to blow our load into for lack of a better terms. We need to be cautious and careful and look at things. It all needs to be introduced at once so that people have an opportunity to digest at the same time. It’s a work in progress but I want players to know its on the top of our tonged, forefront of our mind. It’s something we are hearing all the time. We don’t want those great PVP groups that established on outlands to leave outlands forever. We want to work on those systems. Make them important , meaningful. Give players purpose.
(Comments about how much feedback the shard takes on, message, better or worse, yelling, abuse, etc.)
O- There is a lot of exciting original content coming from Outlands in the next month and sooner. It’s a bright and exciting time for the shard. Players have a lot of reasons to stick around and player our content.
C- New players?
O- I think a lot of players were hanging around to see “is Outlands serious”? Are these developers invested, do they mean what they say? What is this gonna look like? We’ve had players I’ve knew since beta who didn’t log in until we hit this point. We are seeing new guilds. People building new characters. On average we have about 1,500 players online which is still a huge number. We definitely hyped our population when we hit 2068. We were very adamant and excited and we made chat announcements and we made posts on Reddit. But there was never any expectation on our end that we would hit 2000 players ever let alone stay at 2000. So, for people who say they aren’t sharing their numbers anymore, it is because our numbers are steady. We are staying around 1500. We peak around 1600, 1680. On a given day we might have 1,300. There is nothing alarming in terms of population drop off or population growing. Outlands turned 3 months on Saturday.
(Talk about Owyn’s hair, or lack of)
O- Outlands, it’s been a ride. I thank all of our players for sticking through the growing pains! Short of apologizing for shortcoming, which I think we’ve done, I just wanted to thank you all for bearing with us as we grow. Its been an experience being the largest UO free shard ever (lists many other first and largest). This is new territory for us and those who have been involved in an UO project.
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Hey Owyn, as I understand the new aspect system, moulds won't be needed anymore. If so, will we be able to recycle them without loosing MCD too ?