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Difficulty tiers for dungeon pvp

I will share an idea that may help complete beginners ease into ultima online, which is an immense, to its lovers irreplaceable, and to strangers often incomprehensible fantasy world.

All sports and most games, physical or digital have tiers to ensure equal competition between players. Football and basketball have tiered leagues, chess or go have handicaps, online games follow these examples to create equal competition, segregating their player base to different experience levels or equalize their power using additional measures.

However ultima online is an open sandbox which makes it really hard to take such measures. We often hear this argument after another newbie quits the game: "Well if he can't take that much, this was not the game for him". Yet we are not in our teens anymore, how many of you can get into a completely new and complicated game? We don't have the energy for that because of life, or we don't have the curiosity we once had. Many of us even find it hard to change their server, or client or even their playstyle. Why do we expect so much from beginners?

In my opinion one of the biggest reasons for loosing beginners is pking. When a new player gets killed in the first levels of a dungeon, trying to kill an easy monster, and having his hands full with keeping bandage up, checking his increasing skills or trying to arm his weapon after drinking his potion, some names appear and dump heavy hitting spells, an instant death.

However same pk goes down to level 3, and there he finds well armed and skillful players easily dodging his attacks, fighting back only when they want to, taking the nearest gate and escaping with 10k. I agree that dungeon pks are easy to dodge if you are experienced.

These were my reasons, and my suggestion is as follows: make dungeon levels different pvp tiers, and players have % pvp damage scalars much like pets depending on their current level.

Lvl 1 of dungeons: %50 pvp damage scalar
Lvl 2 of dungeons: %75 pvp scalar
Lvl 3 of dungeons: normal
Lvl 3 best gph spots and boss rooms: normal + no-tracking

I am aware that a %50 pvp scalar area for experienced players means pretty much noone kills noone. But also It's been a long while since I hunted anywhere other than lvl 3 of some dungeon. I think with a handicap on pvp like this, beginners can survive red attacks, bank their 500 coins, and feel better about themselves until they are ready to move further to more difficult zones. While higher level farming won't be affected and pks will be gainin pretty much the same. Furthermore if we make some of the best spots like aegis deamons or whatever no-tracking blind zones, reds will have more chances to get rich preys.

My only motivation here is making ultima online an even longer span game by adding new blood, and have us more chances to get in touch with new people, teaching and sharing our adventures. I will not benefit in any other way. I always hunt top tier areas with a tamer.

Note: I am sorry if this is a extremely difficult, or flat impossible mechanic. I have no knowledge in that department.
I understand the premise, my two immediate thoughts:

1) 50% damage scaler, PK's will still slaughter new players
2) people will drop down a dungeon tier or two to farm lesser mobs at high speeds, and capture the same amount of gold, avoiding the risk.

I think I really like the premise of tracking being screwed up with some sort of interference in the best areas, could have a message popping up saying "you can only track at 25% of your efficiency" i'd even put that on all level 3's. Or especially the ones with special loot & gold chance each week..

I also think that to deter reds from killing newer players on levels 1 & potentially two of a dungeon, penalize them harder there.. On level 1 you take 3x kill counts, on level 2, 2x kill counts. You are definitely not getting value for your kills then.. Of course then PK's may use it as a means to farm more kills for gloating. There's always a counter to every suggestion, and the reality is, 20 year vets are leaps and bounds ahead of new players, and PvP templates vs PvM templates make it worse, if a person just wants to ruin another persons day, UO is the type of game that allows it, they are gonna do it.
maybe allow a level 3 recall spot that has blue guardians pks have to fight through first if they want to skip 1-2. like a bronze dragon to unlock the door
I'm just not a fan of this kind of thing. I get the reasoning but UO has to remain an open sandbox or it's simply not UO. There is already New Player Dungeon where people can learn the mechanics and even farm there post Young player status if they want.

There are also lots of downstream issues from this kind of thing. If my Thief steals on level 1 does he take 50% less damage? Does he take full damage but the noob 50% less? Do you remove stealing from level 1 and 2 further shoveling sand out of the box? Do you restrict placing tinker traps on mobs? What about legitimate noob on noob crime? People coming for the sandbox wouldn't even be able to have noob beefs about looting or camping. They would just beat on each other not being able to out dps each other's 60ish healing.
id still like to see good hero spawns, bronze dragon spawns, wisps etc like 1998 blue monsters. as an rpg inspired by dnd there should be good npcs monsters as well... have them be on level 1 or 2... but not 3