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disabled closest and nearest for uosteam

Disabling closest target functions of both razor and steam is the most annoying thing ever. I think staff wants people to fumble around with mis clicks and stutter lag/dragging bars for a good 3-10 seconds before being able to target something effectively.

This only really hurts the players who desire to play legit or are not privy to some of the extensive but legal workarounds for this. IE using the friends/do not target lists/agents in a massive and cumbersome way.

And yeah, for PvM it is even worse.

Please fix.
This is definitely not broken - having played a server with target closest, PvP is atrocious, I've had so much fun here in larger group fights, because people arent' dead instantly, because everyone can't target instantly, they need to cycle, it takes a lot more strategy to go in, find the right target, push into a group taking the risk of dying, than it does to run in with target closest, and everyone just says go, and 1 click, someone dies instantly...

In PvM I can see how it'd be annoying, but in PvP this is one of the biggest reasons I play here, there is no target closest..

Even the UO options themselves know what is right. The three "Select" actions here are all disabled.

It wouldn't be so bad if at least "Previous" target worked... I'm not sure about steam but razor doesn't have it, only "Next target" in a linear selection process.

Another way to look at it is that it makes pvp more accessible to people that are new to it or not very good. But I guess that's not really the goal here.
Not sure which side of the fence you are sitting on, but if you are suggesting that target closest makes PvP more accessible to people that are new, or not very good, it has a very opposite effect, it ensures they are killed instantly, in a demoralizing fashion in every engagement, giving them no chance to really warm up or get good at PvP. The way it stands currently, three people can run into a group of 8, and survive purely because there is some chaos in trying to find the right targets, that would never happen if there was target closest.
for barding i made us this script
getenemy 'any' 'next'
if inrange 'enemy' 5
useskill 'peacemaking'
waitfortarget 3000
target 'enemy'
pause 5100

so it cycles through all gray and if it is in range, then does the thingd
They aren't fully disabled for PVM, at least not in Razor
Target Closest Criminal Monster
Target Closest Enemy Monster
Target Closest Grey Monster
Target Closest Innocent Monster

And all the target randoms