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Does this shard even really exist? I think the launcher is a virus.

I got caught up in a wave of nostalgia and stumbled across this shard, I downloaded the launcher and ran as an admin against my better judgement and the launcher started filling my hard drive with infinite quantities of data (88GB) before I stopped it. This whole website seems strange to me. Can anyone confirm that this is not a community of Russian bots and the installer is in fact not malware?


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Welcome to Outlands!
If you need help with the launcher let us know in Discord. It's easiest to troubleshoot in real time. Your installation should be 2.5gb, not 8gb.
Can confirm, played here a good bit since the release. Very good server. I had a discussion yesterday to decide if it could really be called UO, because Outlands is a unique world ive never seen before. Someone explained that UO was the base of even OSIs Britannia, and that Outlands is indeed Ultima Online, at its finest possibly.

Anyway, yeah its real. Good server, check it out
false alerts. add the installer and uoo game folder to your antivirus and firewall exception lists. Let me know which antivirus software you use so I can submit files to their exception list / whitelist process for review.