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Hi all,

We have had a lot of players asking us if they can donate to help support the development of Outlands, and we are grateful for your desire to contribute to our growing community!

Outlands has a full disclosure stance in terms of donations and supporting the shard. The cost reality of running a UO shard is approximately $2500 USD/year, including shard, web/forum and patcher hosting. Outlands will run with or without your donations as Luthius and myself are committed both personally and financially to the project, but if you are able to contribute your support would undeniably be appreciated.

When the shard launches, there will be a cosmetic-only donation shop, which will only provide vanity items and nothing which alters the game or provides players with any game-winning advantage. All donations go directly to the operating costs of the shard, and future ingame enhancements (such as new artwork, new monsters, marketing promotions, etc.)

Donations made in beta will be honored on the live shard in the form of donation currency (Prevalia coins.)

If you are interested in donating, our Paypal e-mail address is donate@uooutlands.com.

We are also selling cloth maps in 3 different sizes. The illustration is original and was commissioned for Outlands of our custom landmass, Avadon.

They are professionally printed on canvas and are akin to the original cloth map which shipped with Ultima Online "way back when!"

*frame not included

The sizing and costing is as follows:

11x14 - $150.00
16x20 - $200.00
20x24 - $250.00
(+ ingame map deco item on live shard!)

All prices are in USD and include shipping worldwide. Shipping takes approx. 2 weeks, and longer for international destinations. Unfortunately we cannot ship to PO/APO boxes.

If you are interested in purchasing a map, please send a payment via Paypal to: donate@uooutlands.com with an accurate shipping address (worldwide) and I will be in touch via Discord or e-mail to discuss your shipping options. In addition, we are able to accept mainstream cryptocurrency, so if you would like to donate via this method please contact me via Discord or e-mail owyn@uooutlands.com.

Thank you for your support of UO Outlands!

Owyn & Luthius
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IMO it's worth getting it framed professionally if you're actually going to have it up on the wall. The mounting is as important as the framing.