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Dungeon Soloing

Hi there,

i can say i'm a newbie for this game, actually not game but runuo and this servers dynamics and i want to ask some questions.

First of all, i'm playing as a pure warrior, i gained some gold and bought shadow iron platemail set and went to aegis dungeon. i can kill first level easily but 2nd level it started to be harder. If i obtain more powerful armor and weapon can i solo everything with 8x pure warrior char?

Second, i dont want to create a craftsman char, i want to obtain gold and acquire necessary items from player vendors. is farming any dungeons levels be helpful about that? how is gold-drop rates at dungeons?

When i have another question, i will update this topic :) thanks.


Hey! So you can continue to progress as a warrior - you can solo *most* things, and eventually you will want to look into the 'aspect' system. https://uooutlands.com/wiki/index.php?title=Aspect_Gear

Dungeon gold drop rates are the best! There are also lots of good 'overland' hunting spots too - the advantage of these is that you don't have to run all the way into a dungeon to begin fighting.

Each week there are 'bonus' dungeons, where you get additional gold bonus, or special item bonuses. You can see these by clicking on the map in the centre of the towns.

He said pure warrior.
So weapon, tactics, heal, anatomy as base, and then important for solo-melee resist and parry and maybe armslore and tracking. And one aspect as you like from earth, wind, fire or water.