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Efficient magery start?

I wanna play a mage with this template:

Roach Mage
  • STR 100
  • DEX 25
  • INT 100

  • 100 Magery
  • 100 Resist
  • 100 Meditation
  • 100 Eval
  • 100 Wrestling
  • 100 Parry (80 Magery and 80 Parry allows you to cast with a shield)
  • 100 Healing (small heals without Anatomy)/Poisoning/Inscription/?

My question is (since i've never played mage before) what is the most efficient way to start it off?
What skills should i start with at 50 and which skills should i use credits on? and so on.
I guess the first question would be do you intend to play this for PvM or PvP? I'm going to assume it's PvP, and base my comments off of that, because mages are next to useless in PvM, without support skills like Spirit Speak for Summoners, or extra damage skills / aspect gear.

1) Magery / Resist are probably the two you want to start at 50/49, and add in 1 healing so you can get the free bandages to start.
2) Raise Parry/Healing to 50 with training credits
3) Go kill a bird (for 5x active skill gain), then go to the training dummy, and wrestle to get to 50 wrestling, while using a magical wizard hat, put it on, take it off when at max mana, put it back on (will level Meditation), and use Eval Int on another player there to raise Eval Int. Every 10 min run out an dkill another bird, should only have to kill 2 to get to 50's.

That'll start you at basically 50 in all skills, with about 15 min of game play. Then head into Shelter dungeon, to start getting your skills to 70 - i did this recently, took about 2 hours, and I had 7x 70 character (Shelter Island Cap), ready to go out and start playing.