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Elder Scrolls-style stolen goods system?

Not saying this is a GOOD idea, but it's AN idea at the very least.

Perhaps goods looted from a blue corpse (or stolen in-town) should be flagged as stolen somehow, and be trading/vendor sales/banking restricted.

Stolen items might be unable to be banked anywhere other than Corpse Creek, would be untradeable to players via the trade window, and unable to be sold on NPC vendors. Some items like gold and reagents could be "laundered" by placing in a stack of other items or in a commodity deed, and possibly there could be a much more expensive 'fence' npc vendor which would be required to sell stolen goods to players and can scrub the stolen status at the same time? Could forensic evaluation be useful somehow, to determine if an item is stolen or if a player has any stolen items?

There's actually a similar in-game mechanic that prevents trade/sale of trapped items, so it's possible that system could be leveraged for this.

Honestly, I'm hard-pressed to really find a good reason for adding this other than "hey, this would be kind of neat", but it WOULD be pretty neat. I suppose it is possible it would cut back on dry-looting if it's sufficiently aggravating to get rid of stolen gear, but I suspect the people who are taking my NPC vendor armor and sword and my spirit stone aren't looking to actually make a profit off of it, they just throw it away whenever they get home.
due to penalties players are looting everything they can carry, to ensure they get "enough" for the kill.. A system like this that would reduce the value on most goods, would encourage them to take the gold, and leave the rest, which I think for a lot of people would be a nice plus when they got back to their corpse.

I still would love to see some way to compensate the victim, if the PK was killed before they were able to launder their gold. All gold gets tagged with the original owner, and has to be given to an NPC to be laundered, at which point if 24 hours passes, the PK gets 50% percentage of it, if they get killed before the 24 hours passes, 25% goes to the killer, 25% goes to the victim (they now know justice was served, it'd go a long way).

Either way, PK'n is sinking 50% gold automatically, and either the PK is keeping it, or it's going to the one who served justice/plus victim.