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Equalize Town Awareness Cooldown to Pet Death Cooldown

I think that the 24 hour cooldown on raised town awareness for thieves is extreme. That is, in relation to the purpose of ridding annoying deathrobe thieves. At least I think this is the purpose?

Tamers loosing their pet get a -25% skill penalty for the following 15mins, stacking up to -100% if the pet dies within the 15 min frame. Timer is also reset. I suggest applying the same to thieves and raised town awareness. It will still discourage a deathrobe thief pestering some particular area.

Right now the penalty is just demoralizing for town thieving.
Seems fair to me. 15 minute time frame is plenty to achieve the purpose of ridding annoying deathrobe thieves, while not nerfing thieves into the ground. Tis a good middleground imo.
Yall are not a pet though and got my bandaids. This is the most active thieving i have seen since 1998-1999 , (2nd oldest profession), seems like its in a good spot from the preys end. I would like to see dismounted snooping only since that would be impossible on a horse.