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Error After Client Install

Installing Outlands on Windows 10 using Bootcamp Assistant on my iMac. After the game install completed, I'm getting an error which reads "Failed to open anime.idx from HD using a maximum install. Either this file is not readable, your system needs to be rebooted, or the file does not exist and you either need to reinstall or switch to a non-maximum install." I've tried rebooting the computer as it suggest, and launching the client both through Razor Assist and UO Steam and I get the same error. I am running the game as an Administrator. I haven't tried deleting and reinstalling the whole client yet due to the fact it took a whole day to install for some reason. What does this error mean, and would my next step to resolve this issue to just try and reinstall the client again? Trying to avoid reinstalling if possible, but if that's how it is, then no worries I'll do it. Any help appreciated! Thanks -

VireX (Pacific, Chesapeake)