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Error UnifontXX.mul New Install.

After installing and reviewing the help forum, I do not see any post about this error. I have already given permissions in the folder and the compatibility mode is activated. But when opening with Razor or UoSteam I get the same error.
The file number varies but does not allow connection to the server.


I get it as well, and when I connect afterwards, the game crashes. I haven't changed anything and have been playing fine for the past few weeks (Steam)
yeah me as well but i click ok 10 times log in then the game crashs never open i get close to getting in game after 20 try getting abit mad they need to fix this now
Hey owyn fixed this for me in discord. If you download the latest uo steam from the pinned link in discord then point it to the Outland folder and put in the play.uooutlands.com it works perfectly. Fixed all my problems.