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Exponential skill effect

Why do the skills get exponentially (kind of) harder the higher the skill gets but the effect of that skill is linear.

For example using Forsenic and Camping:
Case1: Camping 100 Forensic 0 (much harder to GM a skill)
Total damage bonus = (25% * (Camping Skill / 100)) + (25% * (Forensic Eval Skill / 100)) = 25%

Case2: Camping 80 Forensic 20 (so easy to get a skill to 20 points)
Total damage bonus = (25% * (Camping Skill / 100)) + (25% * (Forensic Eval Skill / 100)) = 25%

I would say it is a lot more time consuming to get 80 to 100 than 0 to 20. Why is the bonus the same is all I am concerned about.
From these cases we can see that the skill spread doesn't matter expect some of the step bonus's you get at certain levels of the skill.

I suggest a better formula to calculate the effect:
Total damage bonus = (25% * (Camping Skill^2/ 10000))
This will weaken the effect at 80 but keep it balanced at 100.
I really hope they don't take that advice, personally I love that the damage bonuses, and effects are linear - it opens up a ton of variety in builds, where many players take 4x 100, 4x 80, choosing utility over pure damage. It allows a 10x 70 newer player coming out of shelter island to take all the increase defense/damage, letting them put out plenty of damage while they tweak and work their final builds. If you only got the greatest effect (due to scaled effectiveness) at 100, then new players will always struggle when they hit the open world, and builds will all be relegated to 7x 100 builds..

The answer to why it becomes incrementally harder to gain as you get higher in skill is because they want your character to become useful and get out into the open world fairly quickly, while still giving you something to work for (that last 30% of skills). You can make a very viable, useable build with 80's skills in a very short amount of time, 10 hours of game play. Personally I think the only thing wrong with the system is the abuse in the active gains (people creating macros to accomplish "active")
Your first point is kind of where my idea was rooted from. I liked the idea that a 7x100 build would be less versatile but stronger. I am new so probably wrong but just to give reason for example to train tracking from 80 (to gain hamstring) to 100 to gain more damage that say training some other skill that will give the same effect.

Yes! I absolutely love the way in this shard it is fast to start and are able to get to having fun so quickly. My proposed formula wouldn't significantly effect this, I don't think.
Why would you not want to see 7x100 templates?
All I am saying is there should be some motivation for going 7xGM template.
Skills at 80 get this huge step change point in effect (hamstring, disarm etc) so it makes everyone aim for this 80 skill point mark. Which I have no problem with.

All I am saying is add a little bit of a motivation for going a 7xGM build, because you only get 7 "step change points" vs the 8 you get with going 4 x 80 and 3 x 100.

My main motivation I guess is the speed we can create a hundred percent ready character. You should be able to get a strong character quickly I agree and be able to kill people or PvM but a hundred percent ready char should take a day or two.
I prefer to see a variety of templates, which 8x templates provide far more of, than the same cookie cutter 7x templates you see on every shard. Having a 7x template doesn't make you weaker in any sense, and with the right skills, taking them to 120 can make a 7x template far superior, but the 8x just breeds variety, and also ease for people getting into the action... In a lot of cases, the skill is a direct relation to success chance as well, so having 100 means you are successful 100% of the time vs having 80 at 80% success..

The linear system, also allows a 10x 70 character, to do the same damage and get out into the world earlier on, to start making their way, as a 7x 100 character will - granted not with the same bonuses that come in to play, as you ease past 80..

With that said - I've argued your point on specific skills - camping needs a reason to go above 60, great starting skill, I just can't be bothered with it anymore, you get next to nothing for being 100 or 120, and what you do gain you can replace with a blessed runebook requiring 0 magery... But instead of changing the damage, I'd rather see something of utility, like at 120 unlock the ability to group hike, and anyone in your party gets a gump asking if they want to go hiking with you, and they go to the destination your going to.


The skills you mentioned are also utility skills with a damage bonus. The difference between 80 camping and GM camping is the extra carry weight and ability to hike to more destinations. The forensic skill gives you access to colored hides so at 80 you're stuck with bronzehide while at GM you can get valhide. 7xGM and 5x120/1x100 templates are still very viable but take more time to reach their end game intended potential. You're only focusing on min/maxing the bonus damage from a skill.
i think 50, 80 are in a good spot so is the 80k-800k 120 paywall (yikes for me so probably wont ever get there)... but gm does not feel special except for ss.

i would love to see skill masteries where you pick one - two skill that benefits from perks (example peacemaking as mastery gets +10 from music, +10 from disco and +10 from provo of they have 3 bard skills), passive bonus, active bonus etc.