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Flax & Cotton Fields/More Sheep

So this may have been brought up at some point and time, or maybe I'm just the only nOOb that thinks this is a big deal lol. I've been here roughly 2 weeks and it seems like the only way to obtain cloth (without purchasing from an NPC) is by routinely checking the 10 or so sheep spawns in the world which are spread far and few apart lol.

I understand there are reasonings for lessening the ability to farm a resource, but it kind of hinders the newbie just getting started. I've noticed a few NPC farms out in the world that are basically just wasted pixel space that is more or less just there to be aesthetically pleasing....these areas could be a good place for some added flax and cotton fields, if more sheep couldn't or won't be spawned.
Well I definitely wasn't thinking that far out of the box, but thanks for the enlightenment! lol. I will certainly take advantage of this, but I would still like to see the addition of some Flax and Cotton Fields. I personally like the idea of being able to go out and gather my resources (I know I'm crazy lol).
Black Tea or maybe Violent Beard had posted a map that looked like the world had chicken pox with all of the sheep spawns. Not sure where it is now
I'd like to see that. They are marked on UOMapper and if you have all the other spawn markers turned on.. then ya the map will definitely look like chicken pox, but it's not all from sheep spawn markers.
Regardless, more sheep is really not the best answer. Flax and Cotton fields would be a more viable solution.
Yea that's pretty much what I've already seen. The UO Outlands Mapper shows all of those markers minus 2. So I've located 10 spawns and it looks like from your map, there are 2 more out there. It's obviously still a problem if folks are still creating sheep farms inside their houses lol.