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Gold Coast Tavern

Do you need a break from the usual routine? Then come visit us and share a drink, or a bet, at the Gold Coast Tavern. It's located just southwest of Horseshoe Bay. All patrons are welcome, red or blue, though we ask that you refrain from committing hostile actions during your stay, and that you leave your mount outside.

Don't know the rules to High/Low but want to gamble? No problem! Our friendly dealers can easily explain how to play. A complimentary gating service for visitors is in the works, and we're hoping to bring a legendary chef onto our team to help offer a fine dining experience too! Thanks for checking us out, and see you there!
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Hey folks, we've been testing some things and trying to figure out the best times to open shop. We welcome your input as we continue to look for a good consistent day to operate on. For now, we've settled on Fridays, and since the tavern was open at night last week, this time we're going to be open from 1PM (EST/GMT-5) to 2:30PM. Don't miss out!

1PM-2:30PM on January 11th!

We're looking to expand our culinary offerings by hiring a chef onto the team. If you or somebody you know would be interested, we invite you to reach out to us. If you have any questions about how to play, the rules of the tavern, the hours, the seating, or anything else, please reply here or throw us a PM.
EDIT: we'll be open at 5:30PM (EST/GMT-5) tonight up until 7PM to accommodate people's schedules better. You're welcome to join us!
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