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Greetings Adventurer's... Is Smithing broken?

I am new to the Lands of Out. My eyes were blinded as a child by the Runed Scape. Thus I missed the "golden age" of Ultima. I first began my journey in hardcore games under the alias of Grandmaster Smith Throrr and Noble fighter Duriam, in a brutal world known as Mortal Online. Eventually certain exploiters of the land had forced the populace to dwindle until they were all that remained. In those lands I spent many moons honing my smithing craft to achieve grandmaster. Hunting down rare armor style's and gathering the finest of ores to prepare into elegant metals. Having my faithful steed "Lord Donkinius the 11nth" (they died a lot...rip my brothers) Cart me across the lands with my goods to set up shop where I was needed.

Eventually owning my own tower and dwelling equipped with my smithing needs. Aye... it was a good time while it lasted. Alas I digress.. I enter the "Dark Ages" of gaming.. wherein I have no home, stumble from game to game in hopes of achieving the same level of profound glory I once had. I hone my blade skills in the Chiviled lands of Ry but with no permanent residence. I merely drag myself from battle to battle whilst scouring the inter net for a savior.... Then... through the shroud... comes... well.. another shroud!

Shroud of the avatar, promising depth and immersion and an intense CRAFTING SYSTEM! My eyes are lit and off I go. 300 hours in the lands and I am not at home truly. Though the game is more or less what ESO should have been there lacks the same glory I once sought. I try to understand the mind of the one who developed the game, which leads me on a perilous journey through time. My first spectacle to behold required me to go into the fabled and elder Videos of You in the divine tube. Where I was acquainted with Ultima Online. Soon I would discover the very lands I once loved where HEAVILY inspired from this past gem. However... was any one playing it still? Had I missed my chance?

Perhaps... or perhaps not! I see now there is a place... The lands of Out.. or to some "Outlands" In which I could delve into the past. With the help of the Oracle I was even able to change the many Options to my liking.. Here it is... here we go! Grandmaster Throrr was created! His first pick drawn back in his hand! Tirelessly mining Iron ore around the island he washed up on. I gather much. My mining has become what I feel is around 67 % of my full potential. It is time, grab the hammer and do what I was molded to do. To craft the finest and fairest gear in the lands. To find a home.

I begin crafting what I had collected, around 3767 Iron Ignots. I pound away until all that remains is my tired arms and a pile of broken hammers. I made sure to smelt the gear I did not deem exceptional and re-forge it until I saw it as correct. I sit back and reflect on where I feel I am after all that work. It would seem I only felt %2 more efficient at smithing then when I had started!!!!!!!!! What in the Beard!!!! How could this be?? Surely my mining skill progression warrants that I had gathered enough material to advance my smithing!

So.. here it is I sit.. again in the dark... discouraged and belittled looking for guidance. There must be another way, I must have faith that not all the wonder will remain lost to me.
Ahh young blacksmith, you've taken on a long and dreary road, your pulling a wagon over broken stone paths, the wheels have broken off, it'll take time to right that caravan, and get it moving again... But Idle hands as they say.. Idle hands... huh? what were we talking about?

Welcome to lands of Out! We here in the Outlands are happy to have you. It's a different world than UO once was, but then again, if this is your first foray into such a realm, then you are a fresh sheep for the slaughter. But you've learnt one of the first tough lessons of the land it seems... Nothing is as easy as you may think it should be, yet with hard work and dedication comes great satisfaction... Right?

Crafting skillgain is intentionally difficult here, I believe in an effort to limit the number of Grandmaster, or Legendary craftsman, so that those who put in the effort, will continue to profit from those efforts in teh selling back to the community.. So it is a long and hard journey, and to be fair, your mining will slow down drastically as you near Grandmaster as well...

Though, that seems like very little gains for a mere 2%... I'd suggest joining the Discord, coming to the crafting channel and asking for advice, but as a starting point for skill gain here in the lands of Out, you want to craft the items which are green on the list, look through them, and find the one with the highest requirement of success, with the lowest number of ore, and then recycle anything you make, and you should be able to maximize your gains.. With that said, I believe I've read it's about 125k ingots to GM, and another 125k to Legendary... Good luck young blacksmith!
I can confirm that it will take between 200k-220k ingots to reach that level and about the same amount from GM - 120.
Your millage may vary depending on the availability of alacrity scrolls we sometimes receive.
Remember that your skill gain chance is the same if you have 1% chance to craft or 99% so craft the cheapest and most successful items so that you smelt and return more ingots.
Thank ye for the noble advice, I still cast my pick into the mountain. Knowing the trail ahead, I slow my pace. I mine maybe 700 worth of ingots in a sitting and that maybe/usually is all for the day.